The View

Taping dates for April just dropped and they coincide with my NYC trip!

Does anyone know if it's possible to get accepted for two shows or should I just pick the one?
Girls, I'm bored with this panel. Only Joy is bringing me joy lately. Whoopi continues to be a terrible moderator who struggles to make a cohesive point and takes 10 minutes to intro every topic, Ana has totally soured for me and spends 90% of her time name-dropping and referencing how rich she is (if I hear about her hanging out with Marc Anthony one more fucking time...), Sunny shuts down any point that doesn't align with hers, and Alyssa just doesn't have the fight to get her points across VS Sunny – meanwhile, all Sara does is play middle-ground between the two of them. Joy remains THAT bitch.

It won't happen, but in my dream world, we go into next season with Whoopi and Alyssa chopped. Joy becomes full-time moderator, Ana remains Friday only, Sunny stays – but with a republican who can actually spar with her. Sara is cute but she's just so inessential. I feel like she's fine when the rest of the panel is good, but when nothing else is working, the fact that she's mostly dead weight is extra obvious ddd.
The ongoing mystery of why Sara has multiple mugs every day is really the only thing keeping me engaged. Today she *only* had two, but she recently has had as many as 3. What didn’t she drink today?
I enjoyed Sunny pushing back against Whoopi for once at last today. More of that would be nice. Whoopi gets such an easy time despite almost always being unprepared and/or disengaged.

Ana has become a classic case of wanting what you can't have until you get it. I used to really enjoy her on a Friday but she is terrible full time panelist. And I like Alyssa but she's had enough time to be starstruck and settle in by now. I'd keep her but producers need to seriously push her. Getting rid of Whoopi would help with giving Alyssa more confidence too though, Alyssa seems lowkey terrified to go against her.
I know major overhauls haven't worked well in the past, but to me its time to ditch everyone but Joy. Whoopi hates the show and just wants the paycheck. Sunny seems miserable. Sara adds nothing. Alyssa isn't memorable (I only know her name cuz its been written on this page).

To be honest - since we are living in the Age of Nostalgia - nothing would get the show more press and probably bigger ratings than making the panel Joy, Meredith, Star, Lisa Ling, and Hasselback (she's worthless, but they're obsessed with having a Republican and she's part of the shows iconic years.) In a dream world it'd be Joy, Meredith, Star, and Rosie. But I just can't see Rosie ever returning again after the last time and I don't know that the others would work with her.

I don't really think they need young(er) hosts. I don't think The View has a particularly young demographic and, if I'm going by my own personal experience, the only 25-35 yr olds I know that keep up with The View are the type of women and gay men who stan the older set and don't care about the parade of 20 somethings advanced through nepotism that they've had this last decade.