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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cathal, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Mike Huckabee is just a complete slimeball. He makes my skin crawl.
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  2. Jedediah just announced she is leaving!
  3. If Paula takes her place I hope the studio goes up in flames.
  4. I'm nervous, Candace is there to promote Fuller House, I don't want her to come back full-time either!
  5. Phew, no replacement announced.
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  6. While I didn't agree with most of the stuff that came out of Jedediah's mouth I enjoyed her as part of the panel. I'll miss her.
  7. Seeing some chatter/ponderings that it might not be a coincidence that Meghan McCain quit Fox News last week.....

    It is a little strange that someone would quit two weeks into the season, I wonder if her contract from last year ended on a different timeline than the show cycle.
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  8. I feel like she was fired. Who leaves on a Monday?
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  9. Bloop, I think you're right!
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  11. We finally had a great panel going to! I'm actually going to miss Jed.
  12. I'm just happy Whoopi hates Paula so she'll never become a full time member at the table.
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  13. Why does Whoopi hate Paula?
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  14. Says she's a permanent co-host on Wikipedia, not that Wikipedia can be 100% trusted.
  15. I don't think Jed has left because of anything to do with Hillary Clinton. They need a conservative voice at the table and she didn't ask her anything "tough" anyways. She seemed happy and positive about leaving and I don't think she was fired.
    I'll miss her too. I don't agree with most of what she says but I still like her.

    NO to Paula Faris.
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  16. She's a permanent co-host but that doesn't mean she's on every day. She does every Friday, when Whoopi is usually off. While Whoopi has denied that, she doesn't seem to get along with her when they do happen to be on the same panel...

    Either way, I hope they get someone good to replace Jed. Meghan McCain could be a good substitute.
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  17. I'm so pissed @ Jed's dismissal. Yes, her views were annoying but she really made the panel. But I shouldn't be shocked at Whoopi and her bullying, controlling ways striking once again.
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  18. Like... did nobody at ABC retain ANYTHING from the Michael Strahan debacle? I don't know "the biz" but it seems really shitty that they would basically go behind Jed's back to court Meghan McCain. You don't have enough respect for her to sit her down and say "Listen, it's a new season, we want to liven up the panel" bla bla bla? Jed has to find out about it from a reporter who calls for comment? No wonder she beat feet out of there.
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