ᱬ The Villainous PJSC 120 ᱬ Winner crowned!

I'm just happy that my song was among the 10 that @WoW73 actually enjoyed.

Or was it?

Now that 21 ballots are in let's have another look at the leaderboard.


Everyone has received points now!

3 songs are still on single digits.
There is a 37 point gap between the current leader and the 2nd place.

5 points separate the 2nd and 9th place.

There are now multiple songs that have received multiple 12s.

One song has been receiving only 8s. Quite a few of them.

I'm... shocked at some of the songs in the top10.

I'm shocked at some of the songs NOT in the top10. Or top20.

That's it! The rest will be revealed during the results. I still need 18 ballots and I had better receive them by November 25 or it won't be @Up N Down who's gonna come for them...


I think so. Although I was implying that one person's PJSC 'fodder' might be someone else's 12-pointer, because the results always seem so all-over-the-shop these days.
That wasn't a response to your comment since I actually agree with what you said.

On another note, the deadline really seems so far away once you vote early... I'll make sure to go back to sloth mode next time.
@Maki Don't be discouraged being a early voter! Take being a early voter with pride!
Furthermore, it can be exciting when the ballots get revealed in order of the votes
coming in! (Like when I hosted I believe!)

Recommendations for early voters getting bored: Pretend that there's already a new
round and someone's about to steal your next entry, take to the boards, lists, past
contests to get prepared a head of time to find your next brilliant entry!

Or just create a new fun playlist, a best of for an artist or something.