ᱬ The Villainous PJSC 120 ᱬ Winner crowned!


A$H. - I Got the Moves // imaduck
Ado - Odo // TéléDex
Aime Simone - In This Dark Time // Connor Walsh
Aint Afraid - That's Final // citoig
Alice Pisano - Ink // iheartpoptarts
Au Suisse - Thing // berserkboi
Bernice West - Jona // Up N Down
Bianca & Clara Fable - Mad Man // livefrommelbs
CC Clarke - On Read // daninternational
Chloe Moriondo - Fruity // seven.
Connie Constance - Hurt You // swim
Crystal Murray - Too Much to Taste // A&E
CuteBad - Hotseat // soratami
Dessa - 5 out of 6 // Isobel
DION CHOI - Runaway // Dynamo
Donny Montell - Move Your Body // HarryEzra
Eli & Fur - My Shadow // Cotton Park
Eliot Sumner - After Dark // Tiger Suit
Elsy Wameyo - River Nile // klow
hemlocke springs - girlfriend // cleosnatchra
Ibibio Sound Machine - All That You Want // BubblegumBoy
Ira Nor - Swim Alone In The Dark // CorgiCorgiCorgi
Joanna Wang - Coins // Filler
Jodapac - Ain't My Fault // CaliDevotion
Joesef - Joe // Rogue
Lola Marsh - Shot Shot Cherry // Disco Blister
Lolo Zouaï - Picking Berries // Maki
MAXINE - Hurting Me // unnameable
Men I Trust - Billie Toppy // Carel
Nathan Hartono - Infinity // Untouchable Ace
Nuha Ruby Ra - Sparky // rawkey
Prima Queen - Eclipse // 2014
PVA - Bad Dad // Inland Empire
Reyna - The Way I Loved You // WoW73
Samantha Fish - Faster // saviodxl
SKYLAR - Double Denim // Derek
Tanners - Romeo // Zar-Unity
Vanbot - Hold This Moment // Attis
VIA Gra - Манекен // If You Go

Results will take place tomorrow on November 27 at 20:00 GMT so that everyone can enjoy their Saturday and I will have time to prepare...

My original entry was actually Picking Berries, I only went with Hotseat because @Maki beat me to that dd
I bet you 100% knew it was me who sent it (I also greatly feared you're going to snatch it before me ddd)

Speaking of which, Lolo Zouaï became the first artist I sent three times to the same contest, these two being my previous PJSC entries by her:

I liked Lolo's singles from earlier this year but it wasn't until her new album, which was released last month, that I heard "Picking Berries", became obsessed with it and soon thought I had to send it to this contest. It's so amazing across all aspects and literally one of my favourite tracks of 2022.

Hope you liked the song and voted for it but either way, stream her excellent album: