ᱬ The Villainous PJSC 120 ᱬ Winner crowned!



So let's have a little look inside this evil thing shall we?


I have received 12 ballots so far.

Our leader has already received 3 x 12 and the only one to have multiple of these. It also has a 19 point lead currently. Looks like I'm gonna have to do some serious ballot shuffling if this continues ff.

The rest of the top10 is much closer to each other with only 1-2 points separating songs.

The song that was leading for the first 6 ballots is now barely clinging on to the top10 oop.

The song with the most amount of voters (7) is currently 8th.

7 songs are still on single digits.

2 songs are still on 0.

Plenty of ties.

So far there is no host curse. And why would there be? I'm the one casting spells here.

Another sneak peek after 20 ballots so get voting!