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The Voice UK - Season 2

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Baby Clyde, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. And so it starts again this Saturday. Same judges, slightly revamped format, almost certain to a giant clusterfuck once again.

    Any programme where you long for the Jessie J moments you know is doing something wrong.


    I will of course be watching every episode so that i can complain the whole way through. HA!!!
  2. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

    They couldn't find anyone else? Really?
  3. Symphony

    Symphony Guest

    Is that Morgan Freeman on the left?
  4. I'd keep Jessie and Tom.

    He adds gravitas and she was really good (Until they clearly told her to start being nice about everyone).

    The other 2 can fuck right off.
  5. The live shows were such a car crash last time. But somehow still boring. Only 3 live shows this year which suggests the BBC have no comprehension of why it flopped. That, or they want to burn it off and wriggle out of the 2 year contract.

    It could be great in the hands of Channel 4 and Davina.
  6. Going up against 'Saturday Night Takeaway', which rose to peak viewership last week, can only spell disaster.

  7. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

    I think Saturday Night Takeaway only has 2 episodes left though.
  8. It couldn't. The whole premise is fatally flawed.
  9. AS soon as the judges get to see what their acts look like the programme just becomes another talent show, there's no USP anymore. That and the BBC's total inability to promote anything that could be seen as populist, or use their multiple platforms to promote anyone, means that no one will ever achieve success directly from the show.

    The first lesson that should be learned by all reality TV shows is if they don't deliver the end result be it a Pop/American Idol, a Top Model etc etc then they become pointless. There is literally no reason to become invested in a show where the final result doesn't matter.
  10. I disagree, the American format is fantastic. Where is the fatal flaw? The problems with the UK show (lack of chemistry between judges, dreadful sound production for the performances, lack of atmosphere in the studio, boring contestants and song choices) could all be sorted out. The actual premise is fresh enough to make it worth watching if done right.
  11. As mump says above, the fatal flaw is that once the judges turn around 'The Voice' becomes irrelevant and it's exactly the same as any other talent show on TV. Even before that judges are second guessing what the artist looks like and not turning round as they think they are better suited to another judge i.e. They sound old so we'll leave them for Tom.

    The piss poor level of talent doesn't help either.

    I mean the only thing Tyler James could possibly be 'The Voice' of is 'despair' or maybe The Priory.
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  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    It's going to be another parade of Already Quite Successful people making fools of themselves, isn't it?
  13. Fingers crossed.
  14. I went to the first audition show last year and they literally carted people out and gave them songs that 'suited their voices', which was the exact reason none of the judges turned around for them. It happened about three times (of the eight acts we saw), and I genuinely felt terrible for the people.

    For them it's a big opportunity and they were literally being shot in the knee caps before the process had begun. The judges had the nerve to ask them why they didn't argue with the producers, I mean honestly if they did that they'd simply be removed from the process. Jessie J was annoying too, Will.I.Am was bored and on twitter, Tom Jones was great fun and the other one was just being broody in his denim on denim. Also they have to wear the same clothes every filming session to make it look like it all happened at once, which is silly.

    Overall I was very unimpressed and the studio was huge, so they BBC have clearly pumped the show full of money. I suppose you can't polish a turd.

    I did see a lot of the finalists though: Joelle, those two ugly people with the guitar and the winner so that was pretty nice. The acts (at least those I saw) were all talented. The 'Battle' is an awful idea, the live shows were the same thing we've seen countless times before and overall it didn't live up to the hype.
  15. The very succesful Westend starlet going on last year and not getting a certain judge to turn around was excruciating watching.

    I agree that this would have done well on Channel 4 with Davina on presenting duties, the premise is a bit dodgy but it's been successful in so many other territories that I really think it's just that the BBC have fucked it up. I don't think it would do well on Channel 4 now though, the brand is too damaged in this country already.
  16. This is exactly what happened to my friend this year. She was made to sing a song that didn't suit her, she came up with loads of other songs and even the singing coached were suggesting songs but the producers wouldn't let her

    She should have just gone home
  17. Now THIS is a show I'd watch.
  18. I fill up with rage when I hear about producers forcing contestants to sing particular songs. The X Factor is one thing but aren't The Voice supposed to be above it?
  19. All in all the process was just badly done and the producers were trying to fabricate everything which, props to her, Jessie J was trying to work around. For example with the ugly people she said she'd let them choose their own sing, which was edited out etc.

    I kind of assumed that, since we were the first audition show they hadn't worked all the kinks out (which the song choices being one such kink) but given mump boys post it would be fair to assume that it's just the way the show is done.

    The BBC studios are literally a place filled with blood and broken dreams.
  20. I think this is the problem with The Voice - it thinks it's better than it is! Like you said 'the x factor is one thing', like you almost EXPECT it from them but not this show!! I think that's why it has not connected with Joe Public.
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