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The Voice UK - Season 2

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Baby Clyde, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. It's strange how the U.S. version of The Voice has been a big hit show, but the UK version is struggling to connect with viewers.
  2. The UK show has Jessie J and that tool from the Script.
  3. Whereas the US show had Christina Agularia and that tool from Maroon 5.
  4. Jessie J is the best thing about the show

    God forbid a woman should be confident, talented and have an opinion !!
  5. is the best thing about the show. I am looking forward to it. Jessie J is...I don't even have words for her but if I did they would not be positive.
  6. She was irritating when I saw the show, she just kept singing her words to people and wouldn't sit still in the chair (so they had to re-film her again and again for about 10 times, each of which had a five minute break between).
  7. Look at Jessie J... she's sitting under a LASERLIGHT. The Queen.
  8. Danny is the most irritating somehow. He looks like he would have a smelly penis.
  9. Slightly geeky fat boy with a big voice singing a power ballad? CHECK.
  10. Hah eddy. I'm hoping this gets 4million or something but it's unrealistic.
  11. He's kind of just alright, he's hardly going to be a success is he?
  12. I actually found Jessie J quite likable on the show, and loved Danny was the only judge I didn't like at all. I actually think the casting of the judges was one of the few things they managed to get right.
  13. Jesse J is a lot more tolerable on this than she is an artist and william is perfect for TV Personality/reality judge - he would have been perfect for X Factor US. I really don't like Danny either, very cringe and comes across as outdated with his style.

    I tend to find the chemistry amongst the four is poor though.
  14. I loved watching as a judge last season, and I was rooting for his team of singers.
  15. I thought that was good as a judge in an irritating way, but the rest were absolute shite. Danny just waited for other people to press their buzzer and Jessie J just would not fuck off.
  16. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I am glad has acknowledged that he has frog eyes at last.

    I hate the way this programme is all about the judges, though. The singers are merely something for them to react to, so the programme is 70% Danny and Jessie gurning to each other, 20% sob stories and 10% singing.

    Definite smegma alert.
  17. I wish Jessie would sit still. Surprisingly I found Danny more annoying that Jessie for a change.
  18. Managed to miss it last night, but am 5 mins in now and already full of 2nd hand cringe.

    This opening number is woeful. How does William have the nerve to actually perform on stage??? How do people have so little shame?
  19. Despite starting this thread I may not be watching.

    Life's too short.
  20. SBK


    The problem is the X Factor and the fact The Voice is on the BBC.

    The nature of the show means its automatically being compared to the X Factor. Because its on the BBC using public money means they can't pay teams of writers and media trained monkeys to sensationalise it and keep it on the front pages of the tabloids and trending on twitter when it's not on TV...

    Which loses the intended target audience... And it's just too dull trying to be hip for the middle aged demographic that normally tune in to that timeslot to vote for their next west end star...
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