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The Voice UK - Season 2

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Baby Clyde, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Despite having to make it the BBC are also ashamed of making anything too populist or being seen to use any of their multiple platforms to promote. They could of course insist that the winning song be put on heavy rotation on all BBC radio stations and promoted to death across every suitable programme. They could have a poster and bus campaign, they could have a programme on BBC 3 directly after, a constant twitter presence, drip feed stories throughout the week

    They will of course of none of this
  2. SBK


    They could do so much more. They totally could and should sensationalise it up on BBC3 with some trashy presenters and crappy guests pretending they care.
    Throw the final 12 in a house, keep it a bit secret, get some drama going on, even if its not documented to death like Xfactor it'd make it more of a dynamic amongst the contestants...

    The radio thing is a grey area. They need to be careful about playlisting the song(s) cause there are rules where they can't exploit their position. Which is why they probably haven't thrown much coverage of the show on any station other than Radio 2.
    Also they don't want to alienate their current listeners with a shit ballad that isn't aimed at their demographic.
  3. Revolutionary idea i know but make a good one !!
  4. SBK


    And put some thought and effort into it? Never gonna happen...
  5. Just watching this on iPlayer. How dreadful was Kavana? Did someone tell him that adding a bunch of extra syllables to the song was a surefire way to success? The judges looked like they were desperate for it to end.
  6. One of the girls from Lemonescent is going to be on an upcoming episode.
  7. For many years I have wondered why girls with big voices never sing Skunk Anansie on Rock Week. On Saturday I discovered why. I don't think that Skin's voice will ever be challenged (or even matched)...
  8. I've thought the same but i don't think it's fair to use that rubbish girl as representation of what could be done
  9. 'Ooooh me Nan', sorry but... - I'm going to hell. This guy was Link in Hairspray.
  10. I don't believe for a second they wouldn't turn around for Kym Mazelle when they've been turning around for any old shit the last two episodes.
  11. Rebecca Ferguson instrumental used to accompany an 'emotional' contestant intro/sob story VT just then. They're not even trying to avoid The X Factor comparisons anymore.
  12. But Kym Mazelle was complete shit.

    Seen her live loads of times and every time she's wildly out of tune, as she was here.

    And WTF was that song choice?
  13. The show this year just makes me cringe, it seems so scripted.

    BGT will blow it away next week.
  14. SBK


    It must be a nightmare for the producers trying to weed out as many Jessie j fans as possible, she clearly is the most popular and almost always wins when she and one more turn ps round...
  15. But she's also clearly the best mentor.

    I'd definitely pick her if I had to choose.
  16. I'd pick Will. Surely he has the most connections?
  17. I'd pick Tom Jones.
  18. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I'd pick Tom as well, or possibly Will. I can't imagine anyone going with Danny of their own free will.
  19. But then you'd have to spend time with him???
  20. SBK


    They'll all have connections, just in different areas.
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