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The Voice UK - Season 2

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Baby Clyde, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Deffo seemed like something was up. It didn't ring true at all.

    I thought they were all leaving it until the end. Will's excuse made some kind of sense. The others???
  2. You can't have Patti Boulaye stood there and not even mention it!!!
  3. A copy of the book 'Finding My Voice' by Leanne Mitchell landed on my desk this week. "Who?", I asked.
  4. Quite a number of talents shown so far last week... And from this week's previews, it appears they might have saved the best for last.
  5. Cringe to actual death at Buck's Fizz woman and Shrek from Hearsay.
  6. CJ Edwards, Abi Sampa and Moni Tivoni were amazing this week.
  7. Jay Aston's story about her departure from Bucks Fizz was amusingly embellished.

    Hear'say bloke's rendition of Wannabe was horrific.
  8. SBK


    Jay was so pissed off she didn't get one judge turning round... She wasn't great either.

    Danny could have been a lot better with a different song...
  9. JDS


    Danny should have sung pure and simple - im serious
  10. SBK


    haha, yes he should have done actually, it would have been less of a car crash. Its a pretty easy song to sing as well.
  11. LB and Hollyoaks girl gone in the battle rounds so far, what a joke. I'm just happy that Cleo Higgins got through against that annoying duo who made me want to scratch my eyes out.

    Jessie J just used the phrase "credible artist". Is there a drinking game for this show?
  12. K94


    I'm annoyed that Alice was eliminated too - she was much better than the partially-sighted woman.

    And wasn't the 'E.T.' battle THE WORST. I do love a few vocal runs but it was self-indulgent nonsense from both the girls and there were pitch problems everywhere.
  13. Imagine getting singing advice from Dido ?!!
  14. It was such a MESS, especially the throaty screech one of them did during the chorus. And then Jessie had the cheek to say the Cleo/Nu-Tarna battle was "too much". And just because I love capturing facial expressions, this is from the 'E.T.' battle:

  15. SBK


    Even in the rehearsals ET sounded shit. I'm surprised Jessie was surprised the girl never told her she didn't like the song... Couldn't she hear it throughout rehearsals?

    Some questionable choices, but entertaining... Wish the judges could steal more acts...
  16. Cleo Vs Nu-Tarna was the best battle, I can't believe Jessie had the cheek to say it was too much!
  17. SBK


    Nutarna did try too hard though
  18. Maybe but I found them quite entertaining.
  19. SBK


    Yeah but they were always gonna lose out, far too competitive.
  20. KAG


    I can't believe I'm saying this but I am enjoying this year's series. It is no longer a chore when I watch an episode.
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