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The Walking Dead

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know if the sixth season of Fear The Walking Dead is any good? I don’t have much enthusiasm to watch it, Morgan being shoved down the audience’s throat really put me off it.
  2. Well it looks like they heard me and decided to spit in my face because a prominently Negan led episode was just one of my favourites? They didn't even have to change his character, his charisma just kind of shone in the Whisperer's setting. Especially considering the continuous raincloud that is Beta, it was exciting.

    As for Fear the Walking Dead. Don't bother, trust me.
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  3. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I actually really like Fear The Walking Dead, they’ve been able to build a really strong ensemble cast which is a nice change from The Walking Dead which feels more like three casts on rotation.

    I think I’ve basically been trained to hate The Walking Dead every episode from years of shit plot pacing but this was quite a good one. I didn’t enjoy much of the Negan years but since Tara’s no longer with us there really isn’t anyone else capable of providing light relief. Carol and Daryl were fun too.
  4. This might just be their strongest lead in to a mid-season finale in years. I am HOOKED
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  5. Yes, the show's been better larely. The water thing was obvious but I didn't see the twist coming at the end. How cruel!
  6. Anyone still watching this? Just caught up on all of season 10. I've never seen a show do such a turn around in quality. Anglea Kang queen saved this show.
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  7. I'm still watching, through a combination of a sense of duty and the fact that it airs on a Monday when there is nothing better to do. Apparently fans were upset last week that a character died without much fanfare. Even after Googling them, I couldn't remember who they were.

    That hook up was a hoot though.
  8. I saw this too and was shocked to find out the character in question had a name and was in the show since season 7!
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  9. This is the best season in years. Alpha is a total revelation, holy shit the whole Daryl vs. Alpha scene was incredible, culminating with Lydia. Phenomenal.
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  10. I liked this week with Rosita featuring quite heavily too.
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  11. The rebound this show has done is amazing. The latest episode was gripping on both the Alpha and Beta fronts. Eventually they'll have to close the story on this whole Whisperer War arc but I'll be sad when they do - they've been the best ever villains and given such a unique threat to the series.
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  12. The most recent episode was up there with the best, especially the sequence with the horde at the end. The new threats/weaponising of the surroundings really adds an element of danger that's felt missing for a long time (that fucking zombie a couple seasons ago with a spiked helmet... a mess).

    Perched for next week, although I can see
    Michonne pulling a Gandalf at Helms Deep and turning up with a load of guns to save the Hilltop.
    That said, even when I think I know what's coming next, it still feels like worthwhile viewing and I still expect some kind of twist. It's frustrating this show has had a turnaround when everybody has stopped caring, but at least I'm no longer hate-watching.

    This has been my most heterosexual post in years.
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  13. I honestly can not get over the turn around in quality in this show. The final few minutes of the walkers arriving was some of the most entertaining and exciting scenes this show has done. Honestly Rick leaving and Angela Kang taking over has done wonders for it
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  14. I've recently started watching this (am halfway through season 3) and so far it's been ok. I do feel like it's becoming cyclical though. The group finds somewhere safe, the walkers inevitably overrun the place, the group moves elsewhere and so on.

    I find myself wanting to know more about the origins of the zombie virus and if there's a chance a cure might come along.
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  15. I wouldn't get your hopes up for an explanation on the cause or a cure and you can skip season 7 and 8 altogether.
  16. There will never be more info on the virus outside of the season 1 finale, nor any word on a cure. The writer of the comics did say that the virus originated from outer space, but that's it.
  17. As someone who tortured myself with watching the whole fifth season of FTWD recently, its been a total pleasure to go back to TWD when its recovered so well and every episode is honestly so brilliant. I actually don't think the series has ever been this consistently good, even when it was booming in popularity.
  18. Morgan just killed FTWD for me just an awful character
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  19. I started watching Fear but as soon as I found out Morgan would be joining the show I just stopped. Can't deal with those levels of boredom.
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