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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Dire character. He was one note and irritating enough on TWD but moving him over to FTWD and removing Maddison in the process was unspeakable. Kim Dickens was an incredible lead. Morgan is in no way the kind of character that can hold a series as the lead and the horrific drop in quality shows it.

    Such a shame as well, as the series became amazing with Season Three and they threw it all away.
  2. Whew, episode 12 is a belter.
  3. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    The absolute homosexual fear I get every time Rosita's on screen for worrying that she's about to be killed off is not the tea
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  4. The goopery of Alpha coming along, redefining the entire series and then being killed at just the right moment. Hard to believe it's the same show that stretched Negan thin.
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  5. Thank you all for the replies! It's a shame there isn't even a glimmer of hope but oh well.

    I've finished season 3 and I feel terrible about Andrea - she was my favorite character.
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  6. Wait, are they killing Alpha?!
  7. Well, you've read the spoiler but I'll spoiler tag again until you watch it unless you wanna spoil
    Turns out Carol let Negan out of jail all that time ago and set him on a mission to kill Alpha, it's why she has been beating herself up so much thinking she was making things worse. Negan sliced Alpha's head off and delivered it to Carol! I know it's what happened in the comics but fucking hell, it was a powerful moment. Alpha has been the defining villain of the whole series for me.
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  8. Did I miss something or is the implication that Carol was okay with sacrificing Hilltop?
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  9. I don't think Carol wanted anything to go down the way it did, but she probably knew people were going to die on her side no matter what. Carol lost everything... again, because of Alpha. So while I don't think she was okay with sacrificing Hilltop, she's in the mindset of... get what I want first, deal with the aftermath later.
  10. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    If anyone was going to turn out to be a bloodthirsty sociopath I’m glad it’s Carol!
  11. That ending didn't shock me as I'd read the comics but I guess this means we're heading towards the endgame now for the Whisperer arc. A shame, its just been so good I almost don't want to see it go - even during the shows golden era when it was a pop culture phenomenon, it was never this good.
  12. Yeah, it's a shame the Whisperer era is coming to an end because The Commonwealth Era is probably the worst era from the comics. But there's still three more things to look forward to with the Whisperers:

    In the Comics, Gabriels death by Beta, Beta's death, and unfortunately Andrea's death in the comics, which will no doubt be Rosita's in the TV Show.
  13. I wouldn't bank on all this happening - I think we'll see Beta and the Whisperers step it up in the next four episodes and just wrap out the Whisperer War by the seasons end. It would be odd to not use the season to conclude it and move onto few stories (which is already being set up with the Eugene radio calls) in a fresh season.
  14. I say it every time I come into this thread but I honestly can not get over in the total 180 in quality in this show. I'm pretty meh on Michonne on as a character but that was a great send off. Love the mix of horror and psychology thriller feels of the scene after she ate the apple. Seeing all the what if scenes was something different which I enjoyed. Judith's actress is a very talented girl. That scene between Michonne and Judith at the end did get me a little teary. I have to say I'm loving all the music this season too. That piece in the final scene of this episode epic.
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  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I didn't love the episode but agree with the sentiment of this post, it was a nice way to weave some nostalgia back into the series as well. I find their format of switching to a totally different setting every episode irritating when the episodes are being released weekly, if it was a binge-watching show then I might feel differently. I'd forgotten to expect a Michonne episode!
  16. Sad to see Michonne go because she is such a force but you forget she has barely been in this season at all. I'm hopeful it means more development on other characters. That final scene where shes talking to Judith about Rick was just phenomenal.
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  17. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

  18. So next week's is the last episode, then?

    The ratings are now below that of season 1's. A shame because the show has been getting better ever since the time jump...
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  19. Maggie is back y'all!
  20. I don't get why some reviews are reviewing the latest episode based on it being the temporary finale when it's clear the actual finale will be coming when it's ready?
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