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The Walking Dead

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. That Princess character felt like she belonged to a different show.

    I'm guessing Beta & co are going to kill a few characters in the season finale...
  2. Princess is incredible. I love when zombie shows embrace the wild camp.
  3. Please can Aaron and Rosita be safe.

    With Christian Serratos getting the lead role on the Selena biographic, I am nervous that she’ll be killed off. Having said that, I do wonder whether they’re more likely to work around availability and allow some time off to retain some of the characters now that there’s been some major departures in Carl, Rick and Michonne.
  4. I haven't cared about Aaron for a couple of seasons. He's just there. Boring character.

    Now Queen Rosita better be safe!
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  5. Damn, that's quite a drop. Shows you how much damage Season 7 and 8 really did.
  6. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I know this is generally a good thing but I don't know if I'm prepared for several episodes of her stewing in rage over Negan being out of jail and mourning Jesus, Tara and Enid as a storyline; the show feels like it's evolved so much since she was last on screen.
  7. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    We’ve been rewatching the show from the beginning and it’s so crushing to see how great the story telling was when Andrea was caught between Woodbury and the prison vs the narrative quicksand that was the Negan years. I hope they keep the momentum going with Beta as the villain.
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  8. Its actually ending!
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  9. Nothing on that tweet. Assuming its true anyway, it feels the right time.

  10. Daryl and Carol are the spin-off characters.
  11. I like the sound of an anthology series, I really enjoyed the webisodes they used to do before the first few series.
  12. It says the tweet isn’t available! What did it say?
  13. I don't understand why they are finishing the series and then having a direct spin off with it's two longest standing and now main stars... Carol and Daryl are The Walking Dead now everyone else has gone
  14. Why do people keep posting and taking down the news!?

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  15. Eh, would’ve made more sense for two twelve episode seasons to me so it doesn’t drag out.
  16. At least it means Rosita and Maggie should make it through the series.
  17. Anyone thats been waiting for the S10 finale, its done now finally! I cant help but feel the delay kind of sapped the tension out of it for me, because S10 has been one of the shows best, and there were a lot of misses. Still, its amazing knowing Maggie is back and I'm curious to see where the final season goes!
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  18. So for those who still watch this,

    apparently they’ve cast Hilarie Burton as Lucille? I wonder whether this is for flashbacks or have her show up alive. My money’s on the latter.
  19. S10 is back soon!

  20. I finally started S9 today, and in two episodes, it's much better than most of S8 (which took me maybe two years to finish).
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