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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. S9 & 10 are the best in years. I really almost gave up on the show because of 8 but glad I stuck it out!
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  2. Ok so Rik has left... and the walker's just spoke
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  3. Hands down Hens, The Whisperers are the scariest looking things I have ever seen on this show.
    They just came walking in daylight to the gates of Hilltop, and... terrifying.
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  4. They single handedly saved the series for me. Alpha is a revelation.
  5. Whisperers were great, in the sense that they were scary as hell and brought something the show was in desperate need of. Like, so many times they made me feel uneasy just watching their antics.
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  6. Alpha taking back her daughter... she is just such a compelling character right from the off. I need to see more of how she came to be, after getting angry in that basement hideout and killing her weak husband.
  7. Does... it get better? I struggled through the second half of season 4 which was abysmal and I’ve been stuck on season 5 for the past five months because I do not care about a single character besides Alicia and John (they ruined Strand and even Salazar now feels limp). I’ve heard great things about season 6 but I feel pretty hopeless. Morgan is an awful lead.
  8. The latest season of FTWD is without doubt the best it’s been. It’s amazing how much it’s improved since the last two seasons. Don’t give it up because it does get better.
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  9. I have the final two episodes of Season 9 tonight... then the wait until 10 hits Prime.
    It's astonishing how much they turned the show around after the utterly boring latter half of 7 and a lot of 8.
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  10. I can't speak on the new season but Season 4 and 5 were both fucking awful so you've got a painful watch to go. As you say, Morgan is an awful and irritating lead who basically pushed out such a compelling, rich character like Maddie.
  11. The nuclear zombies. The plane they are attempting to rebuild (...). The trucker lady and her friend in a wheelchair who somehow became regular cast members despite being insufferable. The kids having more common sense than the main group... I want to know what Scott Gimple is smoking.
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  12. Finally, I can safely open this thread, I just finished Season 10 (so far). That was brilliant wasn’t it? Not as strong as Season 9, but still the one of the best.

    The pandemic, for me, didn’t really affect my viewing of Walking Dead, if anything it made it easier to catch up. So I’m really grateful for the delay. I don’t think, the finale filled me with as much excitement as previous ones have. If we weren’t getting 10C, the first few episodes of Season 11 would be bogged down by picking up the pieces from 10B. These additional six present such a unique opportunity to fill in some gaps (there appear to be two flashback episodes) and progress each of the plots enough for Season 11 to start with a bang.

    The main reason that I liked Season 9 more is because 10 has some “filler-y” episodes, like Episode 2 (Alpha/Beta flashbacks) and Episode 13 (Michonne gets drugged by man she blindly follows to island alone). But retrospectively, Episode 2 was important for setting up 10B, and Michonne’s episode will be important for the Rick films (?). 10C will probably feel a little filler-ish but it allows them to do a lot of the character leg work, to give Season 11 more time to shine. I think Season 10 will age very well, it’s “filler” will become essential in retrospect.

    Am I alone in thinking Season 9 is the best?
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  13. Starting S10 today with a binge-watch. The premier was fab, Daryl, Carol and Michone are the main characters we deserved all along.
  14. Carol and Neegan being in cahoots...
  15. S10 is literally the best season in years. I'm excited for you to live the rest
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. The last three episodes have been so boring. I miss the Whisperers.
  18. I watched the first one from C and... haven't caught up on the rest yet because it was a bit lifeless. It's so hard to support the show sometimes because for YEARS now we've been saying the problem is that constant purgatory occupation of the characters as they trudge through the woods... and then they do that for another three episodes ddd. Alpha really was revolutionary for the show and the Whisperers arc was perfect, it ended exactly when and where it needed to, but it definitely feels like they had no plan for after snd... have kind of wasted the potential of the Maggie return.
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  19. AN INSPIRED CASTING! I love old camp zombie movies and wish more depictions would go back into embracing the true B-movie nature of classic zombie fiction. Every moment she's on screen is a BLAST
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  20. I stopped watching The Walking Dead during season 5 and got into Fear The Walking Dead instead which I absolutely adored until the end of season 3. I just tortured myself through to the end of season 5 of Fear which was abysmal and decided to jump right back into season 5 of TWD as a palette cleanser. They were both made by Scott Gimple and I am baffled as to what happened. In Fear he’s gone with the whole ‘Kumbayah let’s paint birds on trees and be selfless and help everyone because killing is bad even when it comes to the villains and oh here’s a hot air balloon shaped like a beer bottle!!!’ yet this season of FTD is so brutal and action packed with actual cannibals. I know TWD gets equally as bad in S7/8 (which ends up in Gimple getting replaced) but I am shocked by how different his approach was to Fear. Also I am so happy to finally see some colour instead of the desaturated filter.
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