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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I fell off Fear The Walking Dead not long after Madison died. Season 4 itself I found a little dull and forcing Morgan down everyone’s throats didn’t help that. I don’t know why they seem so intent on putting him front and centre in the franchise.

    The biggest thing that made me stop watching was the high turnover in the cast. A number of characters I was invested in (Madison, Nick, Travis, Ofelia) all died within the space of a season and a half and I couldn’t quite get on board with what seemed like an overhaul and an influx of new characters after a really successful third season.

    I’m tempted to pick the show up from the second half of season 4 and treat it as something new and give it a chance as it still has Alicia and Strand.
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  2. Certainly, it and Season 10 are among the shows absolute finest moments of the entire series. Talk about a successful reboot of the show - it felt like a total refresh in all things and was virtually unrecognisable from the utter slog the show had become before.
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  3. I agree. It was clear they rushed to overhaul the show with Morgan as ratings were continuously dropping but I will never understand why they chose to kill off Madison and Nick in the same season. Nick was killed because Frank Dillane himself wanted to leave the show so it feels like a wasted opportunity as it would have given so much depth to Madison’s storyline to see him die and maybe even push her to become a villain like some people teased. She was also the best thing about this show. The fact they then try to push Charlie, Nick’s killer, as one of the show’s main characters just makes no sense. I still haven’t really grown to care about her and it’s been nearly two seasons.

    The second half of season 4 gets even worse than the first as the villain is genuinely laughable and season 5 shouldn’t have happened. Strand is a shell of his former character, Alicia became a tree-painting bore and Morgan is genuinely insufferable. John Dorie is the only good addition but even he loses steam fairly quickly.

    The only reason I forced myself through seasons 4 and 5 is because I’ve been told that 6 is meant to be great but I am going to wait till it’s on Amazon Prime before giving it a go.
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  4. The second half of season 4 is the worst run of episodes in the entire franchise
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  5. It was utterly terrible and to endure that plus then Season Five was torture. I was literally hate watching and begging for the whole thing to be over. Its going to take a lot for me to take on FTWD Season Six and I can't say I'm excited for it.
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  6. It’s a shame because it looks like season 4 increased in viewership off the back of the success of season 3, and then bringing in the new showrunners tanked that goodwill and popularity which reflected in the ratings.
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  7. Season 3 really built up goodwill and it was brilliant. For the first time since the initial pilot, it felt like FTWD could really have been as good and even better than TWD. It made it even more tragic to see them wreck it by the next season - it went from critically praised by the fanbase to utterly detested.

    Gimble is utterly awful. Pushing out Kim Dickens was inexcusable.
  8. It was a shame to lose Dillane for sure but in that situation, I could accept it as he wanted out. In the case of Kim Dickens, she was utterly pushed and didn't want to leave the show. I'll never accept Morgan knowing his whole position on the show was at the cost of Madison, who was a far superior lead character.
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  9. Yeah I can understand that Frank Dillane wanted to leave, and apparently asked during shooting of season 3. I’m guessing he either had a three season contract and stayed around for a little bit or he was signed up for four seasons and they allowed him to leave a little earlier and with a reduced presence until his flashback appearances concluded. If they knew that Nick was going to need to be written out, I would’ve liked them to have kept on Troy Otto as a pseudo son to Madison (and so at least someone introduced in season 3 survived it).

    At the crux of it, the show originated as two families surviving the initial outbreak and I think it jumped too far away from that too quickly
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  10. Pfff a classic Boba Fett syndrome. He was somehow adored in his absence because he was mysterious. He should only have been brought back to the main series for a couple of episodes.
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  11. Not them using Talking Heads to distract the Whisperer's Hoard!!!
  12. I've been enjoying the new bonus episodes of season 10. I'm actually really happy to see Maggie back, even though I hadn't really enjoyed her character since season 5 and welcomed her departure.

    Fear's main problem for me is Morgan. He's just not that interesting and never really has been. Lennie James is a phenomenal actor... but I just don't enjoy the character. Morgan is frustrating to watch, with his constant "all life is precious," then two seconds later he's all "kill, kill, kill," and then we repeat the cycle. I will say, he has been more enjoyable this season, the premiere episode is the most I've ever enjoyed watching a Morgan-centered episode of either show. Another problem is that I think they got rid of Madison too early. I don't know if the rumors of her coming back are true, but I would definitely welcome her back. She was a character that you aren't sure if you liked her or hated her, but you understood that she's doing what she thinks she has to. Very much like Rick in the later seasons.

    I also really enjoyed the new show and am excited to see where that goes. For the most part, I'm really enjoying all Walking Dead content at the moment.
  13. Yes the first episode of 10C was a lot of fun, almost Predator-esque in it's middle
  14. 10C-3 was pretty spectacular, and also gave an opening to two characters I've historically had no time for.
  15. The latest episode is one of my favourites in a long time. Princess is perfect for this and Lazaro plays her so fucking well. The way these bonus episodes served as little vignettes for characters we've barely had time for! Also

    The fact I knew Eugene, Yumiko and Ezekiel were acting strange and I couldn't quite put my finger on why until the reveal. Amazing.
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  16. Not the latest episode also being one of the best in years, bringing so much emotion into the equation for the first time I can remember in ages too with the shows most notoriously cartoony character??? I approve
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  17. Here's Negan was legitimately great... and that ending just topped it off. I was glued to the screen from start to finish. Also great to see Laura back... was actually pretty sad they killed her off. She wasn't the best character, but she was an interesting one so it was great to see where she started off.

    Also managed to check out the mid-season premiere of FTWD, since they put it on AMC+ a week early and... wow. I did NOT see that coming. I audibly said "WHAT?" quite a few times. I don't know where they go after that... but when the episode airs, people will definitely be talking.
  18. So I started watching this from season one this summer and have been pretty much enjoying it.

    But season 5 is like watching paint dry. What the fuck were they thinking…
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  19. Where are you up to? The season kind of wobbles around with a Beth plot but I found Season Five and Six to have some pretty good moments. It did settle into a pattern of really good stuff happening around the start, middle and end of each season where the really good, shocker moments comes out.
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  20. Wait till you hit season 7... That was the point I finally gave up after it had been my favourite show for years.
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