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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. The Negan era was one of the biggest misfires in modern television I can think of. Luckily the Whisperers/Alpha storyline brought the show back to its glory days
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  2. I was about to say... Season Five and Six were pretty passable to me with always a dependable, brilliant episode. Season Seven and Eight are a chore for anyone to face, the only plus side is the absolutely excellent recovery the show makes from Nine and the Whisperers Arc.
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  3. I gave up at the midway point of season 7 and heard that 8 was just as tedious so never went back. One day now that it's finishing and there is an end point I will get around to bingeing the whole thing as I know it had a return to form after that low point.
  4. Eight is a struggle, the whole Negan plot just couldn't seem to deliver and always felt too drawn out and bordering on parody with the writing ticks. Odd really as it really worked in the comics and felt like such an event. It is worth plowing through though, Season Nine is like a whole new show.
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  5. Season 9 is just fucking superb
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  6. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    The latest episode is the most horror I think the show’s ever been, I had to watch between my fingers!
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  7. Madison is BACK

  8. About f'ing time. They did Kim Dickens wrong.
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  9. Oh my god. I gave up on the show halfway through season five (which I don’t think I can finish) but I might give seasons 6 and 7 a chance now that she’s coming back!
  10. Me too ahaha the way they literally just had to say she's back and I'm prepared to watch the entire thing again
  11. Madison lives! YAS! I might watch the last two seasons, then...
  12. Best news ever. Getting rid of her marked Fear falling into utter ruin. Now if only they could chuck Morgan off as part of her return, it would be even better.
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  13. So I caught up with Fear the Walking Dead and I have to say Season 5 and 6 are really bloody good. There's still a massive quality dip in the writing and general stupid decisions compared to the wider show but the characters? Better. The setting? Better. Super excited to watch Season 7 now
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  14. I gave up after Kim left, might check it out again if she’s coming back.
  15. Season 5? Really? I thought it was abysmal and gave up 3/4th of the way through.

  16. Parker....

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  18. Bout time I finished S10, and got into 11 as the main series is slowly coming to an end.
  19. This new season is a total snooze fest, eh? I don't now why I keep watching at this point but I figure I've got this far I should see how it ends.
  20. Yeah im not enjoying the commonwealth at all... a big shame considering the whisperer arc turned out to be one of my favourites ever. The saving grace this time around is Maggie.
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