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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I too found the Commonwealth story quite boring and a bit of a retread of the Governor, but, I've enjoyed the last few episodes and episode 16 really was quite the tense watch, so for that, I'm kind of excited the last third of the season.
  2. Christ Fear has fumbled the bag SO bad.

    Not them killing off Alicia just before they bring Madison back... WHY do shows like this insist on there only ever being one main female character???
  3. Wait what?

    They’ve killed Alicia off??
  4. Yep

    one episode before Madison returns
  5. I have finally finished season five of Fear The Walking Dead. I am not kidding when I say it took me several months to get through it as it was a real slog but I am excited for season six as I’ve heard it’s a big improvement.
  6. Season Five really was the ultimate hate watch for me and I couldn't wait to finish it. Six is better but I didn't think it was huge step up. I really miss the utter peak Season Three was.
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  7. Fear under Dave Erickson was a whole different beast. I miss it so much. I enjoyed how different and fast paced it was from the main Walking Dead, which I stopped watching after season five, so I didn’t appreciate it when they started to cross over. Morgan in particular is a terrible lead for Fear, at least in seasons four and five.
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  8. I know it gets said to the point of boredom but the show was so good until Morgan came on. Season Three was just incredible and it really felt like the show had utterly found its footing after two pretty good but not quite brilliant initial years.

    Its so sad the show never got to keep that energy and was essentially dismantled into a Morgan led show with crap new characters, no Maddison and that utterly tiresome Western vibe.
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  9. I really enjoyed S6 of Fear but S7 really has some of the worst scriptwriting I've ever seen.
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  10. Ouch, I am bracing myself. Do they top the beer-hot-air-ballon-escape of S5?
  11. I wish they’d kept Troy alive as a pseudo son for Madison, considering Nick died a few episodes into season 4.
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  12. Multiple times. The entire season is hot-air-balloon baffoonery
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  13. I don’t know how I’m going to get through the remainder of this and the spin-offs if I’m honest. Season five was the last season I fully felt engaged, but since then it’s more exhausting than not. This season of Fear has been a lot more compelling than the last, but I’m so tired of Morgan. They’ve kept some of the most infuriatingly boring and predictable characters around for much longer than necessary. It’s clear that they’re even unsure of how to untangle the knots they created with some of the more aimless plot lines. Just give me the final movie so I can mourn in peace.
  14. To be honest, I think I'm out after the main show wraps. I'll stick with FTWD since I've been with it since the beginning but I just don't have the stomach for three different Walking Dead spin offs. I'm exhausted by this stage and they haven't shown they can really extend the universe with one quality spin off let alone three.

    There just seems a basic common sense to their approach on this front - the Daryl (now minus Carol) spin off should be squished into the Maggie / Negan one. Make one, stronger TWD show that house more popular characters rather than thin them out.
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  15. The end credit scene from The World Beyond could possibly make the show more interesting again.
  16. I know FTWD season 7 spoilers and the whole nuclear outcome but I must admit season 6A is the best the show has been since season three. I will enjoy the good episode streak while it lasts…

  17. This looks pretty great? I would watch anything with Ana Ortiz in it so I am excited to see her in the Walking Dead universe, even if it's just for one limited episode.
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  18. This has piqued my interest. I gave up on The Walking Dead a long time ago, but a limited run of individual stories could be excellent.
  19. The fact one of the stories is set during the outbreak has piqued my interest for sure. FTWD really squandered that by throwing out the whole opening days really by the end of its first season.
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