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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I'm kind of looking forward to The Walking Dead being over and done with. Although it did improve in recent seasons, I feel like it's ultimately become a very tired show. That is probably inevitable when we're 11 seasons and 170 episodes in.

    The basic storyline of this season is essentially a rinse and repeat of past events: the main cast stumble upon a new settlement and ultimately they bring upon the downfall of that community! It also has such a bloated cast - there's so many characters I outright don't care about at all, even ones that have been around for quite a few seasons now are pretty underdeveloped.

    Regarding the most recent episode - at this point, I don't really follow what Lance's motivations are, why he's gone on such a rampage. Obviously Daryl / Negan etc are going to be completely fine no matter how many gun fights they find themselves in, and I'm sure Lance will eventually die even though he currently has plot armour on - but there's no real tension. On a less important note, I didn't really understand why Jerry and the kids were hiding, or why two people from the Commonwealth were so intent on finding them. I guess I'll have to read some recaps.

    There are other aspects to this season that came back to me during that episode, things that don't make much sense. One of the main ones being why Pamela would agree to Connie having a job as an investigative journalist (which was also her pre-apocalypse job)... in a settlement that generally seems to be authoritarian, that's a weird choice for a leader to make - clearly it was just asking for trouble. It feels like a lazy plot device.

    Oh well. Just 7 more episodes to go!
  2. Lance has been trying to organise a coup - he was hoping that he could get the Alexandria, Oceanside and Hilltop people onside to strengthen his power but Maggie ruined his plans and they realised his intentions were not good, hence why he was trying to have them all killed. The two people chasing after Jerry and the kids are part of Lance's group - the woman is the one who pretended to be Stephanie to get info out of Eugene then disappeared. They want to get the kids to use as leverage against Daryl.
    I agree about the Connie storyline - just a bit unbelievable as is Pamela's bafflement about who exposed Sebastian.
    And there is a good case for arguing that our "heroes" are not really good guys as they pretty much destroy every community they come into contact with!
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  3. Thank you very much for the explanations @spacemonkey, it makes sense to me now! I had forgotten so much, particularly Maggie vs Lance.

    It's certainly become questionable whether they're actually the good guys. Keeping their own group safe is an understandable intention, though they never recognise how constantly destructive they are - it's quite funny!
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  4. Holy smokes, the latest episode.
  5. I cant believe it's done. Just cried my EYES out.
  6. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I'll be watching tonight... I feel like I've just been watching it to get it done, but actually quite a lot of plot points have been rapidly developed in this final stretch which feels really annoying when so many years of sluggish episodes with no development were put out into the world.
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  7. I was surprised how hard this final episode hit me. I'd fallen a bit in and out of love with the series the last few years. The Negan War seasons were dreadful, then The Whisperer arc really gave the show a renaissance before we ended up in a really by the numbers, overfamiliar final year.

    But this last episode really got to me, it was so emotional and touching.

    I know you can't really give the series a proper end (we have three spinoffs running now) but after twelve long years this was actually quite a satisfying and sweet way to wrap things up.
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  8. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Well it definitely cleared the low bar of Game of Thrones which, honestly, I was worried it wouldn’t, given that they have dragged this show out for so long and had so many aimless, joyless episodes to pad out the numerous bumper series over the years. They wrapped up a lot of characters quite well. They managed to weave in nostalgia without it feeling over the top which should be commended.

    I can’t believe after YEARS of panicking for Rosita’s safety they killed her off in the last episode. Gutted. I wanted her to have a happy ever after! The moment she fell and then got back up only to reveal she’d been bitten… brutal. I was screaming at the TV during that scene and I’ve been apathetically phone scrolling most episodes for years. Powerful stuff!

    The Maggie/Negan scene where she says she can’t forgive him was so good, the constant interaction between them with her giving him the cold shoulder was getting to feel a bit like she was being ridiculous, honestly, so it was good to have the old Maggie reappear and give a frank and fair assessment of the situation and move on instead of this low key huffy asshole she’d been for however long.

    The dinner table scene was kinda mad though, I had no idea where they were and what had been blown up and why there was suddenly no dead at the door to worry about… couldn’t even tell if there were still dead walking about until Daryl went off on his bike, it was a bit too Happy Ending and on the nose.

    Rosita’s deathbed stuff was hard to watch… would have been a nice nod to the past if Eugene was somehow, in some way on the track to some kind of cure as an homage to why Rosita et al were with him to begin with, because it still beggars belief he’s still alive and well to me…

    The pseudo religious Gabriel the priests the gates of paradise letting the people in from the dead was a bit… much.

    Rick and Michonne at the end was nice but just made me wish they’d been there as part of the plot instead of a spin off teaser or whatever but I’m a wee bit perched to see what happens so hope it’s coming soon!

    I don’t know if I’ve wrapped my head around the entire plot yet but it was pretty good all things considered, they managed to land it despite the maaaaany issues over the years.
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  9. Honestly losing them right at the end was such a powerful blow, devastating. I'm glad the end had such a powerful focus on the characters we have spent so long with. Pamela had the opportunity to be up there as the best villain next to Alpha, but the series was obviously needing to end. Overall I'm very happy with it because it nearly lost me in the Negan saga but there's been some damn good TV in it since then
  10. Screw this show for killing Rosita, the one major character death of the finale.
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  11. I thought it was a great finale.

    The one character I wanted to survive was Rosita but I read it was Christian Serratos’ idea for Rosita to die… still sucks though! I thought both Rick and Michonne had left a long long time ago but I’ve just looked up and Rick left in season 9 and Michonne in 10… seems a lot longer to me…
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  12. Honestly thought it was great! The Negan x Maggie scene was genuinely great, that death was sad but very well done, and seeing my mother Carol come out unscathed felt good.

    To be honest, though, I found this season to be a bit confusing and aimless. What even was the point of that dreadful Reapers arc? Why did they spend like 5 episodes looking for "the children"? Why is Pamela even considered a villain? What was the point of that "smart" walker and why didn't that amount to anything? These questions and more kept bubbling up as I tried to keep up.

    Even though it feels good for the show to be put out of its misery, the teaser for the Negan and Maggie show looks really good and cinematic. But please don't make them hook up!
  13. I couldn't take this seriously, I was second-hand cringing at the desperation to make everything a 'moment' rather than relying on good writing. I'm not sure the dialogue was ever as bad as it was this season. The whole thing felt very cosplay.
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  14. The last season was generally a re-hash of past storylines, but the parts with Rosita/Rick/Michonne in the final episode made me emotional.

    Also, I’m guessing Judith getting shot was an intentional nod to Carl in Season 2?
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