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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I completely forgot about Beth!
  2. I still think the season 4 finale would have been a lot more dramatic if they had made it explicitly clear the people at Terminus were cannibals and the group had just eaten a Beth burger!
  3. The Season 5 trailer is out.

    SPOILER: there will be violence. Roll on October!

  4. Beth is alive! Looks amazing, I hope it lives up to expectations. I'm excited to see the whole group together again.
  5. OH MY DAYS! This is so inense! I want it now! And Beth!
  6. I'm now into season 4 and can someone explain me how this works: normally a walker smells/hears when there is someone around who is not a walker but how can Michonne be safe when she is walking with other walkers only because she has two walkers without arms on her rope? Shouldn't they smell that he is not a walker?
  7. Her walkers have no arms or jaws so can't harm her and their smell covers hers so other walkers can't detect her easily. Like how Rick and Glenn (?) Covered themselves in guts in season 1 to get through a herd of walkers.
  8. That made sense but with her I thought the walkers behind her would smell her. But maybe I should not try too much about finding sense in shows.
  9. It makes sense, and they recently used it in the game too which helped make more sense. They just help the person behind blend in, disguising their sight and scent. If it's only one person, like Michone, then it's going to be quite easy to disguise.
  10. Its tommorow! (Allthough i'll watch it on monday). Who's excited?
  11. I am! Although - like you - I also have to wait till Monday.
  12. Apparently the first episode is suppose to be one of the most intense and action packed in the entire TWD series.
  13. That was one of their best episodes ever. Carol just went Rambo on the whole of Terminus, I'm so proud of her.

    The first ten minutes were a whole lot more graphic than usual. I had to look away a few times.
  14. I'm so glad everyone's together now, it's been too long since Carol was part of the group! She was seriously awesome tonight, and it was a nice little easter egg of sorts to see that Sam had made it to Terminus. I would've liked to have seen a slightly wider scope for Terminus, it felt like there were only about 10 people in total.

    Morgan turning up at the end surprised me, I was expecting the man in the mask to be Gareth.
  15. Amazing episode, reminded me of when the prison was overrun, loved the chaos. Carol is easily my favourite character at this point glad they reunited her with the main group straight away. Desperate to find out what the fuck is going on with Beth though.
  16. Well, that was just Carol's episode. She owned it.
  17. She did indeed. I didn't find it amazing but it was a good premiere.
  18. That was probably the best episode of the entire show.
  19. SO GOOD.
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