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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. It would've been even better if they killed off one of the shitty characters like Bob, Sasha or Eugene.
  2. I loved to watch Carol effortlessly dethroning our former favourite characters.
  3. It feels like they're far more restrictive with killing off characters than they used to be.
  4. Great episode. so many action and at times it was even a bit too brutal (allthough there was a bit too much luck for my liking...). But it was surely a very strong opening for this season. Im not really excited about Morgan, never really liked him but i also think this guy in the terminus people memories is actually Negan from the comics. Carol was amazing. Beth will have to wait few more episodes i guess. Curious too see what will happen with Gareth.
  5. I'm glad to see the group all back together again; it took them bloody long enough. At one point I feared they'd all make it out but Carol would be kept hostage by the remainder of Gareth's group; I would have been fuming.
  6. No Beth though. I do think Tyreese hasn't killed the man, and it will lead to them being found by those remaining at Terminus and that will be how it unravels for now.
  7. Yeah, Gareth obviously didn't die. No way they set somebody up as a villain like that in a season finale, only to get rid of him in the next episode while giving him two or three lines. (Sure, the actor was no David Morrissey, but still.)

    It's nice that the show is picking up pace, but Terminus getting three episodes while the prison almost had two seasons feels a bit disproportionate. Watching how life worked at Terminus would have been really interesting.
  8. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    That was utterly amazing. I loved how it was just straight into the mire, no exposition. It doesn't really need to be said again, but I will - Carol was amazing.

    I think there's going to be a lot more about Gareth - haven't they said something about flashback episodes? I guess we'll see how they ended up going from captives to cannibals. I found the brief backstory moments quite odd - maybe it was trying to suggest that these people were just like Rick & co at one point, and what happened to them can happen to Team Rick.
  9. I would've liked a couple more episodes setting up the big escape from Terminus, it does seem like a bit of a wasted opportunity to flesh out Mary and the rest of their community more.
  10. Totally thought this too, seemed a good set up (they're cannibals!) which was quickly dispatched with to get them back on the road together where we've been many times before.

    That's not to say it wasn't a brilliant episode, loved the extra gore/threat and Carol going all Rambo was just superb!
  11. I was glad the whole Terminus thing was over and done with quickly and not dragged out. The first half of season 4 where they were still in the prison and the Governor came back was such a waste of time and should have been the finale of season 3 in my opinion.

    Brilliant episode - I love badass Carol. Now we just need to get Beth back.
  12. It was the best episode of the whole series so far, I loved the moment where Daryl and Carol hugged. I guess the next stop will be wherever Beth is, I hope she hasn't been raped the poor thing.
  13. Carol is a bad bish, I love that she's back! It makes Rick look like a bit of an asshole but the look on Daryl's face when he saw her was priceless. He didn't even care that she had his bow, just the joy to actually see her alive.

    I also need a .gif of her face when Rick asks if she blew all the shit up, amazing. Also, the union of Sasha and her brother Tyreese was quite touching too. Best episode in a LONG time.
  14. Another good episode this season, I'm dying to know where Beth is so I'm glad it looks like Daryl and Carol are on their way to her, already dislike Gabriel. The end was so gruesome, poor Bob.
    Edit: Was convinced Bob was bitten in the water, maybe he was but it was on the leg he no longer has?
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  15. I definitely think Bob was bitten in the leg. I was getting weird vibes from him all night and then he was crying before he got kidnapped and I think that's why - he knew he was going to die.Too bad for the Termites, I guess! Tainted meat.
  16. Surely they would've seen a bite on his leg before eating it?
  17. I'm thinking it was more of a scratch, that walker didn't really have a jaw anymore... I definitely think he knew he was infected especially by how sentimental he was getting with Sasha. Poor Bob indeed.

    Also, got a bit teary when Michonne was mentioning how she missed Andrea and Hershel, a bit sad to think they've been gone for quite some time now.
  18. I really want Glenn to die so Maggie has more to do, he's run his course.
  19. Hm, I'm not sure who I'd like to die. I was actually thinking about Bob so Sasha could do more haha! So I kinda got my wish in a way, but seeing the way he was at the end of the episode was so unjustified.

    Did anyone notice during the previews for the next episode that 3 of Rick's clan have gone missing...? I remember seeing Sasha, Rick and a few others but I'm trying to imagine who else could have been taken.
  20. I think she meant Daryl and Carol because they left without telling anyone.

    Great episode. Who would've thought terminus would lead into hunters from comics
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