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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Me too, I've been ready for Glenn to die for quite some time now.
  2. Glenn and Maggie haven't had much to do outside of reuniting on the road, it's a waste of two decent characters and the show is getting a tad overcrowded no matter how much I love nearly every character.

    I can see Rosita being kept in the background as fodder later on this season but I'd rather Sasha and Eugene go, such boring characters.
  3. And Maggie still doesnt give a single fuck about Beth.

    Yay sisterhood
  4. This bothers me, I really like Beth so when it seems like Maggie couldn't care less it seems like weak writing.
  5. It's shocking that they haven't addressed that at all but then did Daryl tell her Beth was with him?
  6. Yeah just one short sentence at the very beginning of the first episode.
  7. I think it's a fine line, they haven't shown her grieving so it's hard to believe but she may believe her to be dead or completely gone.
  8. Yeah but remember how Maggie was going insane about finding Glenn? Beth could be dead, raped, heavily wounded etc. It really is a big flaw in the story
  9. Oh I know that, I'm just trying to find reasoning in it I guess. Especially as I think it's the only misstep so far. Maybe its something they'll actually play on further down the line, but I agree they've definitely blurred Beth out almost completely. It wouldn't surprise me if they found her dying, or with little time left.
  10. That ending was gruesome, possibly one of the most evil scenes through the show's history.

    Emily Kinney's name appears in the opening credits, doesn't it? I'm sure Beth will survive for a long time.
  11. I used to think Beth was being kept around as filler to up the stakes with a death but it seems like they're investing more time in her with a separate storyline. I'd be really annoyed if they kept her away from the group only to die shortly after being reunited a la Andrea.
  12. Great episode again. I'm sad that I read the comics, cause everything would've been 10 times better as a surprise.
    I imagined Terminus would lead into the Hunters story arc eventually, just cause of timing (right after the prison), cannibalism and, more blatantly, because the last scene from season 4 - Rick saying that "they're gonna look really stupid when they find out they're messing with the wrong people" - was taken word by word from the comics, at the point when Rick realises he and his friends are being hunted.

    Also, there may be a parallel between Bob and a comic book's character, as they were in the same position at this point of the story, so if anyone is interested.... POTENTIAL SPOILER AHEAD: in the comics, Dale is captured by the hunters when Rick's group gets to the church and that whole final scene plays out just like it did on TV, only with Dale as a captive instead of Bob. At the end of the hunter's speech, Dale just starts laughing and says that they're all eating tainted meat, as he had been beaten by a walker earlier.
  13. I do think it's a shame the show killed off so many good characters like Andrea, Dale and Shane so early on, especially as some of them are still alive in the comics. It's weird when you watch seasons 1 or 2 as almost everyone is dead now! Also new characters like Sasha and Tyreese for example haven't made much of an impact. They seem to have really cut back on killing off main characters lately.
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  14. I really hope they don't pull an Andrea with Beth, I don't think they'd do it again. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Emily Kinney has said that there's more development with Beth and Daryl's relationship coming. I hope Beth sticks around for a while yet, she's so likeable.
  15. YES, so basically the group of 'hunters' just ate contaminated meat? JUSTICE IS SERVED.
  16. The trailers show the hunters travelling with the main group though don't they? I've got a feeling they're going to turn while with the main group and cause some more damage.
  17. Well the next episode is only five days away!
  18. They do need some more surprise main character deaths. I always feel like they wait for a midseason finale or the season finale to do it now.
  19. hopefully they'll be a bit more brutal with the characters they kill off too, I'm not here for the big death in the first half being Gareth now that he's eaten potentially tainted meat. I'd be happy for Gareth to stay with the show for the entire season, it seems pointless upgrading him to Also Starring and having him die a handful of episodes into Season 5 (Karen much).
  20. Didn't the previews show them traveling to Washington, though? I doubt they're gonna be at the church for long.
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