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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I’m gonna continue watching, I’ll give season 9 with a new show runner a chance but fuck me has Scott Gimple run this into the ground. I’m wondering whether killing Carl is a middle finger to effectively being pulled away from the series.
  2. I thought it was a brilliant episode, if only a little too long.
  3. It felt like a series end, I don't get why they didn't just air this episode last year. All the emotion was sucked out because we knew it was going to happen for so long.

    A nice respite from Negan though. As soon as he appeared at the end I sighed and once again felt over it. He needs to go.
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  4. Solenciennes

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    Well, once again, the first episode back is a decent watch - not amazing, but it had some vague semblance of character development and emotional investment as we saw Carl's final day and how it'll impact Rick, Michonne and by extension Judith. I'm expecting the rest of the episodes before the season finale to suck and waiting to see what the next season will hold with the change of management at the top.
  5. I thought it was a very good episode. They addressed all the most important moments for Carl and let him go on a very positive note (asking Rick to go back to his old self). It was nice and touching

    I feel like they needed to get rid of Carl because the actor was way too old already and it just didnt make sense with the time frame of the whole show. He's basically a grown up despite there being like what 3 years maximum since Atlanta and the farm? Not to mention Carl got less and less atention in the show, specially after season 5. His last hurrah was gong alone to Negan. I never liked him too much

    The whole thing with Morgan and Henry was creepy and disturbing.
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  6. Another pretty great episode, especially concerning the trash people.
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  7. And, in the space of one episode, Jadis becomes a pretty sympathetic character who I want to see more of. I’ve become so desensitised to all the heroic deaths at this point that actually seeing a character in such a sorry state was quite emotional. I wish Rick had actually helped her, he came off as a jackass in that entire sequence.
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  8. Jadis just blew wide open, and there’s a really interesting character in there. My only gripe is that they only hinted at what they should have sledgehammered: the trash people facade was exactly that - a huge facade. I don’t really get what Simon was insinuating by asking about the solar panels and such, but I took it as there being a base beneath the trash which would be an insane twist... I don’t see that happening now they’ve wiped everyone but Jadis out. The scene with her watching her friends be minced was so harrowing and a really powerful character moment. I didn’t rate her before but the actress did an incredible job.

    Negan also did a really great job, he actually managed to be emotionally complex for once. The less said about Simon, the better though... it was like a cartoon character.
  9. That was a really great episode specially because of the trash people. It feels like they didnt have such a bizarre and creepy scenes in a while now so it felt refreshing for the show.

    The only thing i fear is that they're building up Jadis to become the tv version of the comic character Alpha and im not sure if i would like that

    I dont know, seems a lot of people complain a lot about the show lately but im still enjoying it. I wouldnt say season 7 was my favourite but i also dont dislike it and season 8 so far is a lot better in general
  10. Meanwhile, I hated this episode because I don't understand how/why I'm supposed to care about the trash people now that they're being killed off. They served no purpose on this show for me, we never got to know them, and now they're dead. A waste of time.
  11. Jadi isn't dead though and she was the only member of the trash people to get any screen time.

    I really enjoyed this episode, the past 2 episodes have been an improvement this series, I'm expecting the next few episodes to be all talk, no action though.

    This latest episode kept be gripped from beginning to end, the story arc was well done. Seeing Negan sympathise about Carl was good to see, and made we wish Rick hadn't reacted the way he did, but then again, Negan's awful behaviour last series cannot be forgotten just because he liked Carl.

    Also, what Rick did to Jadi made me dislike him a little bit, I get he's mourning, but he's doing the opposite of what Carl wanted him to do. Let's see how this unfolds.
  12. I loathe to admit it but they’ve really turned it around so far in this latter half of the season - minus the really strange Gabriel episode.

    This was a fantastic episode.
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  13. What the hell happened during the break that helped this enormous turnaround in quality? Holy shit, what an episode.
  14. It's so much better now. There's actually life in the show - and I'm not gonna bother catching up on the episodes I skipped.
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  15. Yeah its been pretty great lately allthough poor Tobin i think he was the final Alexandria resident alive (other than Enid who also was a newcomer to their community). They really killed all of them.

    Im curious what Jadis is up to. I kinda hope she'll survive and stay around at least for a while.
  16. Well...its probably the best if Eugene dies this finale. Unless he's gonna do a miraculous comeback (and sabotage Negan) i think he needs to go.
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  17. Oh my god, I’m more desperate for him to die than Negan. I hate him.

    I’m still suffering from whiplash from this suddenly turn around in quality.
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  18. I gave up watching this at Carl’s death episode as I couldn’t take another minute of it - and now y’all are telling me it’s back to being great again?! Typical!
  19. I don't think it's gotten any better.
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  20. It’s got loads better.
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