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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I didn’t enjoy the final at all...

  2. So not content with giving us the most boring finale yet they threaten to ruin Fear The Walking Dead with Morgan's mere presence. Great.
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  3. The Walking Dead delivering another boring episode. Not surprised. Its called the Walking Dead for a reason.
  4. The lead up to the final was fantastic - but putting everything on the faulty bullets and being saved by the river people... what a mess. It was as if the final was an entirely different scriptwriter to the second half of the season.

    Oh but Rick slashing Negan’s throat was a total kii. Of course it was a fakeout and he was saved, but for a second I thought the show had just been thrown a huge bone.

    I’m annoyed because I was just getting back into it.
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  5. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I didn’t really mind the last episode until Rick and Michonne’s IQs got slashed and we had to sit through that scene where they tell Negan how he has to watch people be good for eternity!!! like it was an episode of Scooby Doo or something. Embarrassing dialogue and infuriating to see.
  6. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Did anyone watch Fear The Walking Dead's return yet?

    I'll put my post in spoiler tags for anyone who hasn't...

    So I wasn't expecting that it would literally pick up from where The Walking Dead's finale left off, I thought we would still be in the Fear The Walking Dead timeline that's presumably years behind where The Walking Dead is, so the time jump was a surprise. I've grown to really hate Morgan's presence on TWD and was surprised that I actually really enjoyed this episode. Maggie Grace as Al was brilliant, another unexpected surprise as my only experiences with her are in LOST and the Taken films, so was sort of expecting another limp, bratty character that wouldn't fit in this show's premise, but happy to be proven wrong on that front. A really good solid opening episode and wasn't expecting them to be ambushed by the FTWD gang so excited for the next episode to see what happens next.

    I'm wondering what the long game is here, will they eventually integrate the Fear The Walking Dead cast into the main show? That would be quite exciting and something that I'm not familiar with any show doing before. Maybe two seasons of Morgan and the FTWD cast migrating north and him taking them to The Kingdom/Hilltop/Alexandria because of whatever reason.
  7. This Walking Dead finale confirms the end of my run with this series. A dud of an episode after a dud of a season...I can't take anymore pain.

    After this, I was excited to get back into the world of Fear....only to be given another episode of the main show. It was a really disappointing premiere for me. If Episode 2 goes back in time and continues the story from last season, fine, but if it continues on from this dreary, dull, Morgan episode, I want nothing to do with it.
  8. It’s kind of incredible how great Fear the Walking Dead’s characters are considering the main show struggles with it constantly.

    HOWEVER WHERE IS MADISON. The heavyweight of the show.

    This episode was very Mad Max.
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  9. Second episode of Fear was great, having the two timelines running is honestly such a great move. I'm so glad the jump wasn't just a clumsy way of introducing Morgan. It's ridiculous just how much stronger Fear has become; especially remembering how disappointed people were when it aired initially.
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  10. I’m not that interested about the time jump as, if it ends up being mostly “flashback” with snippets of the future for the first half of the season, I’m just gonna be annoyed that Morgan, John and Althea have little to do. It feels a bit strange that they’ve structured it this way but I have confidence they’ll be able to weight it more evenly and not drag the story out.

    I completely forgot about Daniel Salazar, weird considering I thought of him as one of the stronger characters of the cast from the first three seasons. I totally forgot he was even a factor in the show (possibly due to him only just returning) until I just saw on the wikia page that he has potentially been removed form the main cast. I assume at some point it’ll be revealed by Nick that they both ended up somewhere together and Daniel died to save him, which will be a bit of a waste of a character but the shows seems to have made a point of moving on from him and Ophelia.

    Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead was fantastic television, up there with the greater seasons of the original series. Although I do think it was a mistake killing Troy as I loved his dynamic with the other main characters and he was fine as fuck.
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    Didn’t really like the Saviours-lite storyline they’ve just introduced but hopefully with the two timelines they’ll quickly move forward with it and not let it become a multi season pain in the ass.
  12. Madison is such a fantastic character. I can’t quite form my opinions into words yet but ‘Fear...’ is just... so refreshing in comparison to the other show. Where the latter feels like walking through sludge, and we know that the show has lessons to sledgehammer into Rick... Fear doesn’t feel like that.

    Like there were easy comparisons between Rick and Madison walking out to face the enemies camped outside their home... but Rick and Negan would have a dick fight, their conversation spiralling into dramatic prose.

    It’s not perfect, they tend to flick into cartoon-ish sometimes, but they have some really strong actors here that manage to reign it in. Most notably Madison and Nick.
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  13. And what is Queen Alicia, chopped liver?
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  14. This week's Fear The Walking Dead gave me such reassurance as a fan of this franchise. This is the show I want! Great characters, actual tension, intriguing mysteries, zombies...a great reminder of why I watch these shows in the first place. It's obvious the show will be jumping between the timelines, but I hope they focus more on the past and fill in the holes after last season's finale. As much as I adore Maggie Grace, I just don't care about Morgan & really want to stay settled on Madison.
  15. Holy shit this show has balls.
  16. Fucking wow.
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  17. I was foolish to believe that episode was leading up to Madison's death in a flashback, it was the type of painstakingly obvious move the main show would've made. It's so refreshing.
  18. I have to say, I'm loving the diversity of the main Fear cast now in that the show is now fronted by a cast of women and a black gay man and is as popular as it's ever been.

    Obviously, that was a fantastic episode. Fear has really outdone itself and is sitting way above the main show in terms of quality (the increase in ratings is backing this up).
  19. I really expected Madison to die and I'm glad I was wrong. Got tired of Nick quickly. Still, it was a shocker!
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  20. Great shocking twist. The kind you hope from this franchise, but haven't seen in years! Excited to see where they go from here and how they deal with this - especially across the two timelines.
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