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The Wanted - Battleground

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. The power of social networking sites e.g twitter & facebook are major factors to their succes & popularity in america.
  2. I think a big part of their success is quite simply that they have released the right song at the right time.

    I can't see anything else they release over there being as big as Glad You Came (unless they have a brand new single), they'd be foolish to release anything from their first album, sounds dated already (it'd be like JLS launching with Beat Again!). Warzone could work actually, despite it flopping in the UK it is a good song and would be a good follow up to Glad You Came.
  3. Im hoping for a brilliant follow up that the americans will eat up & support just before the album release next month.

    Aaaaaand i wish they could have started their Us promo already, because 1D are taking off on airplay & they are almost top 10 on Us itunes again. They could pose a major threat for the no.2 spot on itunes in the coming days or even hours!!!
  4. I wonder if the Us album will be called "Battleground"?
  5. They should call it "Glad We Came". References the hit single, and they're slightly baffling success over there.
  6. What is this then?
  7. They should name it Thank You Ashley Tabor... And Scooter Braun.

    No title has been announced but a self titled album would make sense actually.
  8. I don't mean to sound completely dim but I could have sworn this album used to be called Warzone?!
  9. I assume it would be self titled too.
    *Battleground is still a random name to me (even if it's from a line in Warzone but still).
    What a terrible cover that is though please tell me it's not real.

    Close enough. *see above*
  10. Their Us album will consist of songs from their debut, 2nd album & new material. So yeah it does make sense to keep it Self titled.
  11. It's not real but if the US got a good album cover after the UK's terrible one, it wouldn't be fair. They should stick to their 'awful album covers' theme.
  12. How's Battleground actually faired in the UK? Has it sold well considering they seem to be everywhere these days?
  13. I presume the crap about the Rihanna song titled 'Jealously' is just Wikipedia false rumours?
  14. Also just listened to the album preview...why is Invincible not a single over a song like Lightning? Its so much better.
  15. I thought Invincible was the next single? Or was that just rumours?
  16. I read that somewhere, on one of those Pop sites that always talks about them If i recall. It'd either have been a rumor or canceled. A next single off this album would flop in the UK and they need to get their tails back in the states.
    Their strategy so far has been well executed so the next logical step, I think, would be them releasing a new song from the US album in both regions. New album in the states and a re-issue/re-release of Battleground in the UK. And I didn't realize that it was out of top 100 in the UK charts... ouch.
  17. If I'm reading their twitter correctly, Gold Forever is being released in the US next week?
  18. They're releasing a song per week leading to the album release, and then fans can just use the Complete The Album feature. We'll have songs before the release. They have 4 previous singles left after they release Gold Forever so my bet is on those being released, unless they're counting the All Time Low (US Mix).
  19. Us promo kicks off next week on tuesday FINALLY!!!!!
  20. The Wanted have just announced via Twitter that they will be releasing a song each week before their US album drop on April 24th as a part of the Complete My Album on @iTunesMusic Gold Forever will be released on 20/3!

    Im curious to see how well this will do & i hope the us version isn't crappy.
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