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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. And Nathan looks like ET.
  2. Next U.S single is 'Gold Forever'.
  3. I thought that was just an itunes single.
  4. Its just an itunes single yep correct. In other news their us promo kicks off next week on tuesday performing their hit song on "The Late Night witth Jay Leno Show"
  5. Awful cover.
    Would've looked better in natural color and not so much photoshopping. Some personality wouldn't kill either. The UK cover of the debut act least had some cheek in it.
  6. I liked both of their studio album covers, and most of their single covers, but the US album cover is extremely dull and isn't eye-catching, but I'll still buy it if it has new tracks on it.
  7. Billboard Charts Dated 3/24/2012:

    Hot 100:
    04 (04) 9 "Glad You Came", The Wanted

    chart run = 85 - 64 - 40 - 30 - 25 - 23 - 5 - *4* - 4 - ?

    Hot 100 Airplay:
    13 (17) 7 "Glad You Came", The Wanted

    chart run = 61 - 44 - 39 - 28 - 22 - 17 - *13* - ?

    Hot Digital Songs:
    02 (02) 8 "Glad You Came", The Wanted

    chart run = 70 - 33 - 26 - 16 - 19 - 3 - *2* - 2 - ?

    Pop Songs:
    06 (09) 9 "Glad You Came", The Wanted

    chart run = 37 - 29 - 24 - 19 - 16 - 13 - 10 - 9 - *6* - ?

    and it's currently No. 2 and No. 280 on US iTunes
  8. Airplay Update:

    12. THE WANTED - Glad You Came: 74.918 (+ 1.335)

    This song will most defitinelly reach the 100 million audience impression in the next 3 - 4 days & i expect them to crack the top 10 on airplay very soon as well.
  9. I hope for strong 1st week sales based on the huge succes of "Glad You Came" in the Us. I would love if they could shift like 200k at most just to beat 1D.
  10. Isn't that way too much ?
    I'm expecting less than 100k...I mean much less than 100k. Am I crazy ?
  11. I honestly thought 1D would 60k+. Even if i'm still a tad cynical I am no less floored by the actual numbers being projected. However with TW I do strongly feel like they won't cross 100k+.
    It's mainly cuz of the way each group is being marketed. 1D are just more generic and easier to sell.
    Hopefully i'm wrong again and they pull in bigger #s, to which i'll i'll side eye for years to come.
  12. duckface

    duckface Guest

    That Digital Spy article is actually hilarious and amazingly structured.
  13. So the iTunes chart have nothing to do with the actual charts? So even if they were there at no.1 it wouldn't mean anything?
  14. They're apparently doing another tour here, 40 dates, smaller venues to be announced on Jay Leno.
  15. I would say they are much more a singles artist, their album has done ok, but it's a long way behind the other boybands. It did 222,000 on the Year End Chart and isn't currently in the top 40 in 2012 Year to date which means it must have sold less than 44k this year, so it's not made platinum yet on sales, i imagine it will just by the time 2012 is out.
  16. Yeah i agree about that but i hope for their "Today Show" appeareance we;ll get a good indication of how popular they are.
  17. Another Us tour? no wonder they'll spending 3 - 4 months in america to make a proper impact & maybe even surpass 1D when all its said & done.
  18. This song validates my assertion that anything short of "burping" on American radio will get an artist/band sales. And who knows - maybe someday "burping" will be considered a form of artistic expression on American over-the-air radio. Take That didn't' get airplay in the US. Neither did Keane in any major way - and of all the British acts, radio picked The Wanted and their incredibly awful song "glad you came" to be featured on high rotation. This is EXACTLY why the average American needs to TUNE OUT of terrestrial radio. The corporate farts on their staff that make playlist decisions care nothing about music or its quality. Schmooze with them enough, and pay them enough (I am pretty sure payola is still the big rule of the game) and your artist will get a promotional push. None of this comes to me as a surprise. What really comes to me as a surprise is Gary Barlow's tweet congratulations these idiots for their US success. I mean, he is a songwriter. He's got to know this song is shit! Where is his head at?
  19. Its not a shit song!It was one of the best songs of the summer last year. I love it.
  20. I absolutely fell for this song yesterday and I haven't stopped playing it. It's so much fun. I very rarely listen to new boy bands, but this and One Direction's singles are very listenable.
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