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The Wanted - Battleground

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. One of the biggest TUNES of the past year, at least. Fucking anthem. The mere fact that you think it's some sort of travesty that Take That didn't take off in the US - when, with all due respect to all they've achieved - they haven't got a single song on par with "Glad You Came" (plus, when they were first famous R&B dominated) says it all really.

    Pop justice.
  2. It's not going to gain 25 million in the next 3-4 days.
  3. I truly believe its possible with the way its been increasing on airplay. I expect it to be close to 80 million by sunday.

    Airplay Update:

    12. THE WANTED - Glad You Came: 75.896 (+ 0.978)
  4. I have to admit you make a valid point about R&B dominating in the US back when Take That was first famous. Interestingly enough, the concept of entire genres dominating only started in the mid-90s in America - the same time corporate idiots took over playlist programming from DJs so you're right that the R&B dominated atmosphere left no room for Take That to be picked up by radio. I guess music is subjective and me drawing comparisons between Take That and The Wanted may not be the best way for me to make a point. I guess the real point is that "connections" with radio playlist programmers in the one or two organizations that own all stations in the US goes a long way and I guess that in this case, The Wanted are the beneficiaries of those connections.
  5. But Take That's last studio album in the 90's was quite r&b inspired.Some of the album songs had a bit new jack swing influence in them. But insteaed they went for a mix of 1st ,2nd & 3rd album for their Us debut.
  6. I think they kinda had to mix the three since it was their first real presence in the US. Despite being r&b inspired, it didn't matter since they're not American - which is why I find this new domination of The Wanted and One Direction quite surprising. They must have PR folks with a LOT of media clout! I recently consulted for a radio client and hence I know how music gets on to American radio - and let's just say quality alone doesn't get an artist on there. Sometimes, quality isn't even required. I may not be the best judge of credibility as far as The Wanted is concerned but time is a good judge. If these guys are indeed all that good, they will endure. I know what I am betting on but I would not being proved wrong.
  7. Well i guees when the album drops that will be proof enough that they are indeed all that good. Im sure you'll be proven wrong & im positive they' score more than 1 hit single.

    Daaaaaamn!! it could reach 100 million in audience impression by tomorrow!!!!!!

    Airplay Update:

    12. THE WANTED - Glad You Came: 90.870 (+ 14.974)
  8. There aren't any decent US boybands currently out right now, which is why amateurish crap like One Direction and The Wanted are able to exist in the American charts. Big Time Rush are not to be taken seriously whatsoever. Once American record labels spot the gap in the market for a 'cool' boyband, the same gap those two British groups have exploited...then people will forget about those glorified hamsters and their perma-smirks.
  9. I believe x-factorusa will give us another "cool" boyband later this year thanks to The Wanted & One Direction opening the boyband door again.

    Simon is expecting the quality level of boybands particurlarly to go up alot when auditioning for this years group category.
  10. I'm hoping Simon will put himself one step ahead and look for a girlband instead.

    The Wanted, One Direction, Big Time Rush and the sea of boybands that labels are no doubt currently creating should be more than enough.

    Any boy bands put together now will be seen as imitations, there's not actually that much room in the market for more than 3/4 boybands to survive and The Wanted/One Direction got there first, they'll be the ones to stick around when new bands emerge and are basically imitations.
  11. that's my bet - but time will tell!
  12. Im sure there is room for another boy band whether they get put together or they created them self for X-factorusa audition.

    And yes there might be some people calling them imitators of The Wanted/One Direction.

    But "IF" they surpass them on the "Vocal department" & Dance wise(which wont be hard) and BRING IT on stage like Stereo Hoggzz did last year nobody will care.
  13. What's happening to radio in America at the moment? I noticed that Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry all got close to, or over, 20+ million updates today as well.
  14. More stations has been added to mediabase to be counted towards the charts. Thats why we got this massive increase.
  15. All of Take That are white and none of them are brilliant vocalists, making urban radio a no-go for them.

    As I said above, I think the issue with Take That is more one of race/culture as opposed to nationality. Mis-teeq came close to success (before label bankrupted), Craig David, Samantha Mumba, plus Akon's from Africa, but there's no issue there because they fit perfectly with the music scene of the time. No matter how R&B-tinged their music was, they'd never be taken seriously - if it was a single white person, then maybe, but not four/five.

    I've heard that rolling a song out to American radio costs about $1million. Does that sound like a true figure to you?

    As for The Wanted and One Direction, they're good at what they do - nice tunes, nice looks, nice fashion, nice package deal. Neither will truly endure - they're boybands(!!!!) - but with the right tunes I think both can go on to have decent stateside/international careers.
  16. I agree that the lack of decent US boybands have left a huge vacuum which has facilitated The Wanted and One Direction's success. But why do you think once an American boyband rolls around they'll be embraced and Wanted/1D will be kicked out and forgotten?

    I mean, despite significant backing neither Day 26 and Mindless Behaviour have done anything noteworthy of late, and they're both American. On the other hand JLS had the same push, "cool" clothes and image, A-list producers, etc, and failed - simply because their tunes are utter shite.
  17. I did not want to bring up the whole race/ethnicity thing but I whole-heartedly agree with your assertion about it. I thought I was the only one who picked up on it. I actually think Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams are great vocalists. Not too sure about the exact figure with regard to rolling out a song to radio. It might very well the true. I am just don't know for sure.
  18. UK take these guys back. This song is horribly bland and generic, and that chorus is annoying.
  19. NKOTB throws the race/culture excuse for Take That flopping in the states right out the window. On terms of Pop groups the US has always had the upper hand.
    With BSB & *NSYNC why would you go for Westlife? Same as back when New Kids were hot, why would they want Take That? The Spice Girls smashed because they were different.
    Strings aside, TW & 1Ds success (as already mentioned) is also due in part to the decade long dry spell Pop music had with boy bands. JLS didn't happen maybe cuz there's was less invested in them. I mean they do have some crap songs but a good number of gems too. In any case they're arguably the most talented of the 2.... so I could see it for them if they really tried again.
  20. And there are two ways of doing a Today Show performance; In studio or outside.
    I'm hoping it's the latter they're planning, or that they can pull off.
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