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The Wanted - Battleground

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. This is definitely the high time for 1D, stateside. They remind me of O-Town actually. Formed on reality TV, smashed right out the gate and flopped practically in the blink of an eye. BSB and *NSYNC either flopped or had slow starts in their first tries to break their home country but they worked from the start and it paid off in the long run. Reminds me of how the TW got started. Strings aside, they did go through months of promo rounds before releasing their debut single. I'm not saying they'll have a long and fulfilling career because of that but to say they were handed their success on a silver platter (like 1D) isn't all fair.
  2. The Wanted's new single #ChasingTheSun (which I wrote) premieres on Radio 1 tmrw morning at 7.50am if anyone cares
  3. Example's tweet:
    And Tom tweeted some lyrics:
    Hope this is good!
  4. I love how Example changed his opinion of them when he realised there was money to be made if he wrote a song for them.
  5. Another smash.
    Naturally the 'oh oh oohs' remind me of Till the World Ends (which is never a bad thing).
    The line, "We've only just begun, hypnotised by drums, until forever comes, you'll find us chasing the sun" really is everything.
  6. Re: The Wanted - \"Glad You Came\" (Current Single) USA discussion

    Now all wee need is for the Hot 100 to follow...
    It\'ll also be the first time a boy band topped it since *NSYNC with \'It\'s Gonna Be Me\'.
    They\'re apparently also gonna be on The Voice (US) April 17th.

    One more thing... The new artwork for Heart Vacancy deserves a mention?

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  7. Re: The Wanted - \"Glad You Came\" (Current Single) USA discussion

    Yess! Still they (sadly) don\'t have a chance of topping the hot 100. \'We Are Young\' is still #1 on itunes, and has way better airplay. Maybe if it has bigger longetivity which I doubt.

    The \'US covers\' are really rubbish bar Gold Forever.
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