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The Wanted - Most Wanted: Greatest Hits

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Martyn, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Same day as Little Mix’s greatest hits? AND JLS is back?

    My heart can’t take all of this. Your move 1D and The Saturdays
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  2. They had some decent songs in the beginning until they went shit and started singing about Rihanna.
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  3. Their second arena tour didn’t sell quite as well as their first. I went to their last O2 date and the top was blacked out but maybe they could pull a few nostalgia sales.
  4. W2K


    Nathan’s hair is absolutely hideous but other than that, glad to see them back. Hope Tom’s doing ok.
  5. I think Ticketmaster / the venue must have announced this early by mistake as it's disappeared now but I I think the page said the tickets were due on sale next week.
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  6. After what happened this week with Sarah, is fantastic to see the boys reunite for a great cause and to do this for Tom and his family!
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  7. I loved The Wanted, but am shocked to see this happening. They fell hard and were limping at the end, but I still threw them my coins (and will again). Glad none the less.

    It's nice they found some humor in the situation given Tom's condition with that announcement--it was clever and made me chuckle.

    But honestly, when I heard this... my first reaction was "Well, if The Wanted are doing this, someone better knock sense into Frankie, Mollie, Una, Vanessa, and Rochelle to start practicing those finger pointing dance moves!" How can The Saturdays not now?!
  8. Announcement for tour coming Friday 10am. Birmingham is 12th March but only academy sized at 4 thousand capacity.
  9. Interesting! I wonder where they're playing in London.
  10. My immediate thoughts for London are either half venue for Wembley Arena or a night (potentially 2) at Hammersmith Apollo.

    With booking arenas and only doing half venue, that at least gives flexibility to add more based on demand, otherwise you're looking at a restructuring of the venues if upgraded, or additional nights added
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  11. Noticed they've done a press conference today - was put online about 4 hours ago. Just about to watch!

    I was thinking if they were doing the Apollo in Birmingham that they'd do the Apollo in London. It's such a great venue, I wouldn't be mad at that!
  12. Not Nathan's hair!
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  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I thought it was a wig at first…
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  14. My original reaction was "who asked for this" but knowing Tom's situation, it's cute that they pulled this whole thing together. I also can't deny that they delivered a few iconic moments of early-10s trash.

    Their American singles run... Something shifted

    Even as a 1D girl, I couldn't deny it.
  15. Unfortunately during those last two years of the band, 1D mania was in full force and they constantly lived in their shadows. Kind of sad/ironic given that they were the blueprint for One Direction in many ways, albeit much less Radio Disney. Like, All Time Low was a legitimately cool way of doing the whole "boybands who are a bit rock-y" sound that 1D jumped on.

    Granted 1D found their feet and had some great album track moments later down the line that also filled this quota but in terms of creating a look/sound, The Wanted were much cooler than them in the beginning. Do 1D actually have a single that feels as big/memorable as Glad You Came?
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  16. I think The Wanted were more mature than 1D musically, had 1D not been a big hit they would of been much much bigger. Out of the two, I think The Wanted have the better songs
  17. Really hoping there's a date close to me. For nostalgia sake, I'd snap up a M&G ticket.
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  18. Walks Like Rihanna outsold
  19. I'd be very surprised if they didn't manage a Strictly booking given their history with the show. A medley on there would almost certainly flog a few tickets.
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  20. Lose My Mind is a stone-cold classic. What a song.
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