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The Wanted - Most Wanted: Greatest Hits

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Martyn, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Lose My Mind is their best track but I can't deny I used and abused these:

    Scoring bops from Diane Warren and Xenomania, not everybody has that.
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  2. Last To Know was the one that got away. What a brilliant song.
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  3. Rocket is probably my favourite album track of theirs.

    I’m still a bit surprised Nathan was willing to take part dd I guess he’s doing it out of niceness to Tom and for the check.
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  4. I Found You, now there was a bop.
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  5. Oh wow, I used to listen to these two tracks on repeat a decade ago, but forgot about their existence somewhere along the way. They sound just as good now, thank you for reminding me of them.

    I'm going to give a shout out to Lightning -- I have this memory (no idea if I made it up or not) of them describing it as "filler" and I always thought it was weird as it was one of their better singles.
  6. W2K


    Let’s Get Ugly is probably my favourite album track. There’s something so sexy about the vocal delivery.
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  7. Let's Get Ugly, Behind Bars, Rocket, Lie to Me, In the Middle and Running out of Reasons are some of their best album tracks.

    Imagining those alongside their hits (plus Walks like Rihanna) - what a setlist!
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  8. Tour announced:

    They are playing arenas at reduced capacity, the stage has been brought forward in some places to reduce seating, etc.
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  9. I don't really follow them, just a casual fan. Why did you say that about Nathan? Did he used to be like he thought he's too good to be in The Wanted?
  10. I'm glad they came


    Wash your hair Nathan.
  11. It kind of seemed that way for a while? They have been trying for a reunion for years now and from what the others have said he never really responded nn. Like I remember they did a final one off show before they went on hiatus and he didn’t take part. Granted I don’t follow them as closely as I used to so I’m sure time passing has changed things.
  12. Walks Like Rihanna looked camp right in the eye. A time capsule. A performance art piece. A sociological experiment. Just iconic. I detest Glad You Came with all of my heart.
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  13. I didn’t follow them too closely so just did a Google, Nathan also never replied to Tom when asking for his suit size / attending his wedding and Siva said no.
  14. Always thought The Wanted were unfairly attacked during their peak due to the obvious 1D comparisons. Hoping this comeback/reunion is successful for them.
    “I think in terms of doing more as The Wanted in the future... personally speaking, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been as an artist at this time in my life. So it isn’t something that I would consider, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that the other four have talked about it.”

    “ I’d be fully behind that -- I’d go to the gigs, I’d be singing along, and I would love nothing more than if the four boys want to do that. I think that would be absolutely amazing. But just at the moment, I think I’ve found my place as an artist, and I think to kind of go back on that would be changing my path very abruptly.

    That doesn’t mean to say that I’m not massively grateful for everything that happened with The Wanted, and it doesn’t change how I look back at the band or my fondness of the band or the fans. It just means that I’m on a path and to change that would be very abrupt. So I’m going to continue on my path as a solo artist, and hope that the other four kind of decide to get back together as a band.”
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  16. He probably thought he would be big and nothing really happened.

    Nathan, I mean.
  17. I'm really happy to have them back, I hope everything turns out great especially for Tom.
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  18. I hope that they come back with a massive bop instead of a ballad like most groups tend to do with a Greatest Hits collection.
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  19. I think he had reasonable success with the first album?
    Problem is waiting such a long time between just loses the momentum.. I think its been about 5 years since the debut
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  20. I think the label that he was signed to collapsing had something to do with it too.
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