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The Wanted - Most Wanted: Greatest Hits

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Martyn, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Yeah, plus it's been a few years since he bothered the charts, and look... The pandemic has meant that people are saying yes to a lot of opportunities that they might have cheerfully turned down only 12 months beforehand. I think a lot of people are just grabbing the chance to work by the throat if they're lucky enough to do have the offers.
  2. Ah I didnt know that had happened tbh lol
  3. Didn’t Nathan also manage to blag a Sunday night X Factor performance slot?
  4. DAS


    Twice! in 2015 for over and over again and then again in 2016 to perform famous.
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  5. Global (his old label), Capital FM and the X Factor all had links hence why he was able to scam his way a slot.
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  6. He may be seen as a bit of Tori Kelly in terms of the discrepancy between exposure and success but Nathan's solo album was phenomenal.
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  7. Tom’s concert next week will be livestreamed, all the money is for an excellent cause!

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  8. Just been looking at tickets, out of curiosity to see how it’s been selling over the weekend.. from first look, I think their label may have over thought the audience size.
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  9. Their team really should have booked Wembley arena instead of the O2. After 7 years of hiatus and even by then they weren’t hugely popular anymore it was ambitious to book arenas to say the least.
  10. Absolutely. Their hiatus seemed to come more so because the public had lost interested, and there really doesn’t seem to be any hype about them being back together? I’ll be surprised if the album does well at this rate.
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  11. The venues aren't full capacity though. Birmingham is around 6 thousand if I remember correctly, may even be 4 thousand.
    I guess its cheaper to book the academy sized arenas rather than 2 nights Birmingham Symphony Hall for example or multiple Hammersmith shows.
  12. MB


    Yeah looking at most venues the top tiers are all blanked out so you can't book them. A lot of acts seem to be doing this at the moment.
    I agree though it does seem like theres very little hype, maybe it'll come when they release/announce a single.
  13. Get The Saturdays on board so the gays buy the other tickets!
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  14. They'll be fine with a Strictly spot and a couple of cute ticket deals/radio competitions for regional ones that are sluggish. The public will remember the bops but don't necessarily know they're back.

  15. They performed All Time Low, Gold Forever and Glad You Came, and they were great! Understandably it was emotional.

    I'm not sure if it was already mentioned, but their new single is coming on 7th October. Their website describes it as being "a euphoric new single of epic-pop proportions" and in an interview Max described it as an upbeat party starter. Looking forward to that!
  16. Seeing the sparkle in Tom's eye got me emotional, not gonna lie. What a beautiful gift to him and the fans.
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  17. W2K


    Oft that was incredibly emotional, so happy for Tom and the boys.
  18. So happy for Tom that he’s getting this moment again. It was so emotional seeing how grateful he was. I hope he doesn’t push himself too hard with the tour, it’s all fun and happiness and I truly wish him, and all of them, the best.
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