The Wanted - Word of Mouth

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New single out May 20th in the UK and April 17th in the US, I think.

Bloody hell this is brilliant !, you can hear that its an Example track. Now I'm curious to hear what Kylie would of sounded on it.
I quite like this, can't stand them but this is quite decent. Can definitely tell this is an Example track, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Although the excess of 'oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh's are a bit grating.
It sounds so much like an Example track. It's not brilliant but it will definitely keep them on the charts.

I really like that pre-chorus.
On paper, I should like it (I love Example productions and tend to like 'oh-oh's), but it's not doing much for me.

The verses are so much better than the 'chorus'. Also Nathan sounds like Example a ridiculous amount in his middle 8-ey bit.
Brilliant track. I don't like Example, but credit where credit is due. He makes good music. The Wanted definitely has another smash with this song. It will be blazing the charts all summer long.
It's a bit of non event, considering how much Example bashes other artists this is just a rubbish version of every dance-pop song from the past year.


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It's decent, but I can see it smashing like most of you have already predicted.

Siva must be some kind of elaborate trolling character with that voice right? He sounds like a 70's soul performer...
Am absolutely loving this. Feels like a natural successor to Glad You Came.

I just want to hear the Kylie version now (which probably doesn't even exist).
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