The Wanted - Word of Mouth

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The Weekend is an anthem! The chorus just screams hit.

Chasing The Sun is good still, the video is terrible though, their worst along with All Time Low.
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Yikes, yes this is a horrible video, although getting rid of the vampire part would have saved it. I like the Backstreet Boys' vampire-themed "Straight through my heart" video much better than this (and even that was too vampire-bandwagony in 2009!).
Damn the US is just not feeling this song at all.

The song just went for adds at Pop but two weeks ago. The song is Top 40 on Pop radio and has been receiving sizeable gaines over the past week. This will be another Top 20 for them at the bare minimum on Top 40 radio. And Glad You Came didn't see a high iTunes peak until they were altready Top 20 at radio.

The song will do fine. Let's not jump to call it a flop.
They tried choreography and this was the result:

And then there's this...
....which was totally unexpected and a refreshing change over jumping/shuffling around stage but he trained in dance or something prior to joining the group so (i think)...

I was surprised to see this single just went for Radio adds like a couple days ago but still they used up all their rather large promo slots and it's still not taking off. GYC took off after they performed on Ellen, then GLEE covered it and it was smooth sailing ever since. CTS should at least be in the bottom half of itunes Top 100. I still have hope though, not labeling it a flop just yet...

BMA Red carpet

They clean up pretty well. Jay, Siva & Max (should've done that 2nd button on the jacket which looks abit too small) in particular.
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So, this went to #1 on UK iTunes and has fallen back to #2. Fun is ahead with a 15%

They're still #1 on midweeks, but I have a feeling they will miss the top spot and their last X-Factor introduction will remain as a lie.
It would be kind of funny if that X Factor intro has now put The Curse of The Saturdays on them forever!
This is a good single.

It is just an extended chorus but I am more than happy with that.

I think being a No.2 act suits them.
Surprised this lost the battle for number one considering it was 10,000 ahead on Wednesday.

To be honest though, it was a lazy effort after the success of Glad You Came, so I don't feel sorry for them.
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