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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    They've put up their 1st vid on Youtube so you can see a bit more what they're like. Its a bit like The Sats how they do their flip videos and respond to the fans. Its really nice! They seem to appreciate their fans and I think that will win them lots more fans.
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    omg im nt gna sit in watch this happen if u ave nuffin nice to say i suggest u shut the f**c up ur talkin shit u ave no idea what ur tlkin bwt since wen dus wt they look like count for what they souind like they r amazing actully so shut up stop being such gudgemental stuck up dicks and boy bands do make it in the music industry for example all time low, you me at six, kids in glass houses, boys like girls need i go on jls r shit the wanted r wicked so stop slating them before u ave even hurd them and get ova ruselves jesus crist
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  3. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

  4. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    I AGRE WITH ALL Of this!!!!!
  5. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    What? With and not Wiv?
    Dumper passed his A Levels!
  6. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    Oh, it's the pretty one from Avenue! He was the one* who went ludicrously effeminate and started shooting unironically 'fierce' looks at the camera and tanked the whole affair the last time around. Now they've just got to keep him from talking or moving in any way this time and everything should go fine.

    I wonder what it's like being a professional z-list manufactured boyband hopper. Must be tough to keep the morale up after a certain point. But a boy's got to put food on the table, I suppose.

    *NB: They may have all done this.
  7. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    Also, Breakfast or anyone else, is it true VV Brown cowrote Avenue's lone flop single? That was one of the more bizarre (amazing) rumors I've ever read around here. Find out for me, someone!
  8. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    That is true.
  9. The Wanted [New Boyband]

    I'm pretty sure one of the members used to be in Avenue.

    Song clips can be heard here -!/TheWanted
  10. Re: The Wanted [New Boyband]

    I think there have been at least two threads on them already but no one has posted about the song clips being up.

    I've skimmed through the clips and no matter where I place the cursor, there seems to be an innuendo. In 'Heart Vacancy' 'You won't let me come inside' and in 'Let's Get Ugly' 'Something's coming over you, come over me'.
  11. Re: The Wanted [New Boyband]

    Searching for something like 'The Wanted' on here ain't easy. Apologies.
  12. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    Since nobody has asked yet, I'll be the one to do so: How many of them are "straight"?
  13. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    Amazing! The song was felled by some cheesy production elements but it's actually full of rock solid hooks. "I see you standing over there, cocktails and fingers through her hair..." VV should have taken it back for herself. Between her credits on that and the Sugababes 'Denial' (and her lack of one on 'Shark in the Water', if I recall?), maybe she really does work best as a writer for other artists...
  14. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    I dunno bout All Time Low as the first single... Can't make my mind up about it yet but Let's Get Ugly sounds great from that clip on their facebook!

    That said, they are starting to look more like a boyband now. Better pic on the mainpage.
  15. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    I wish they'd call the single Tart Vacancy. I would laugh so much. I don't know why but I think I've watched too much Carry On.
  16. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    Their music reminds me of Avenue's (2?) songs. I don't think I like them.
  17. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    That Max needs MORE media training, clearly.

    The clips sound dreadful and none of them can sing, and only 2 of them are anything to look at.

    What kind of morons work in pop A&R these days?
  18. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    They are all straight. Max said that in the interview with Popjustice. I am still not sure about that haha.

    I find them too much JLS.
  19. Re: The Wanted - Heart Vacancy

    Except all of JLS can sing to some degree whereas none of these can.

    The boys accents make them sound so common. Surprised they didn't make them put on fake American accents.
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