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The Watcher (Ryan Murphy Netflix Limited Series) - Naomi Watts, Jennifer Coolidge

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Sep 9, 2022.

  1. This and
    Karen's night in the house
    were genuinely scary moments. There was huge potential there, but I don't get it, is the lesson that you need to be kind to the neighbours on your first day? I really thought it was going to go somewhere exciting when
    Roger seemingly recognised John Graff in that weird preservation society meeting - I thought linked with him being tbe one running in the tunnels it might suddenly unravel and become a dramatic outing with people being murdered or whatever,
    but instead it just went nowhere.
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  2. i'm on episode 5, not sure i can make it through the rest of this, dragged out so much.
  3. You can easily skip episode six without missing out on anything, but I would still recommend you to watch episode seven. It’s not a good series closer in any way, but there are some thrills in it and the whole series ends on a rather grim note.
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  4. My feelings are all over the place with this show. I cannot believe this is based on a true story, because every single character is parody level over the top. I haven't read up on the original story, but they took a lot of liberties here right? Surely?

    As a bit of silly, brainless time-killing entertainment, it served a purpose. But there was some truly atrocious dialogue in there and some very ropey acting from some of the main players. And the thoroughly unrewarding ending didn't help either.

    As is always the case, Jennifer was the best thing about it. That woman is a treasure. Her night in the house was probably the highlight of the entire series. When the staircase lifted up behind her? No ma'am. Chilling.
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  5. The first three episode ranged from fine to good and then the rest, BIN IT! It really didn't need to be dragged out till 7 when the material was WANING.

    Thanks Ryan for those 7 hawers of my lyfe that I will never get back, YOU PHAGGERTZ!

    I usually like Bobby but I find his character insufferable so I hate to see it ddd
  6. This has been, for some reason, renewed for a second season. I say that as someone who mostly enjoyed it but there's hardly a need for another season.
  7. This was really fun for the first five (?) episodes and then completely went to shit afterwards. Bin season two.
  8. I loved this show, it has the perfect balance of thriller and suspense, yet it's not a horror show.
    I agree the ending was unsatisfying, yet a second season will hopefully resolve lots of things.

    The scene when the mysterious figure appears from under the stairs just after Karen discovers her dead dog gave me goosebumps!
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  9. Good LUCK to Netflix if they think people will rush to watch season 2. Flops!
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