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The Weeknd - After Hours

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. New single “Heartless” out tonight. “Blinding Lights” drops on the 29th.

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  2. Phew, that sounds potentially amazing. Anthemic!
  3. RJF


    Do we ever get a surprise release that's in the interest of the gays?
  4. Gaga european tour dates make up.
  5. That's only in the interest of select few gays (like @Gemini) though.
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  6. Blinding Lights sounds fucking great.
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  7. Blinding Lights sounds HUGE. Bring it.
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  8. RMK


    Both songs leaked. Heartless is my favorite of the two. Blinding Lights sounds like a Starboy cast-off.

    Nothing very exciting.
  9. Heartless is more reductive trash. Blinding Lights kinda bops.
  10. Holy shit, I'm so excited!
  11. This is awful!
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  12. Blinding Lights appeared briefly on my Apple Music but they seem to have removed it. Heartless is bad.
  13. Obviously he's not exhibiting any growth with "Heartless," but I'm into it nonetheless.
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  14. Yeah, it’s very standard Weeknd, but still I bop
  15. This is soooo good!
  16. Heartless is so fucking by-the-numbers Abel.

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  17. Heartless sounds like an extension of Starboy. Blinding Lights leaked, it sounds like a cute 80s moment of whatever.
  18. Heartless sounds kinda massive.
  19. Will he ever renew himself?
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