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The Weeknd - After Hours

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Now this is a strong album, I definitely need more time with it but currently In Your Eyes is the one.

    Save Your Tears seems oddly familiar to me???
  2. I'm still unpacking it all but right away the production is immaculate. A lot of this has just such a melancholy feel to it. Hardest To Love and Scared To Live make me so sad, and I think it's mainly that production. It's so..spacey? I need more time to sit with it and take it all in, but there are several songs right away that I'm keeping. This feels like a nice blend of his older stuff and the more GP friendly stuff he did on Starboy.

    It's almost a shame we heard the title track before the album came out because I can't imagine how hard it would've hit me after everything that comes before it. It's absolutely one of my favorite songs of the year and its elevated even further in the context of the album. I think it might even be his best song ever??
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  3. I couldn't even make it past the opening track. That second half, TALENT.

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  4. Bella @ home listening to another set of generic lyrics about her
  5. Hardest to Love really is quite sad isn't it. Definitely a highlight.
  6. Alone Again is hitting a bit differently because of the current situation we’re all in
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  7. Good song that gets better with every subsequent listen!
  8. Not enough love for Save Your Tears. Such a sparkly banger.
  9. It's taking me a minute to get into it, i was just expecting an 80's vibe not drum & bass but as per usual the production is out of this world.

    Snowchild is the only one to me that really feels out of place
  10. For me, the album sounds like a messier, clunkier predecessor to a much more focused Starboy. The songwriting isn’t as good on After Hours, and while its soundscape might be lush, its mixing and vocal production is comparatively cheap and stuffy. Just listen to these back-to-back.

  11. Keep listening, second part of the album is pure 80's.
  12. I just have and

  13. That's how I'm feeling about it so far too.
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  14. I'm hearing this too. I can't decide if it reminds me of a Pop Girl song or Post Malone's 'Circles'.

    But I do know it's a definite highlight. Not just for him, but for music in 2020.
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  15. Hmmm, this sounds far more focused than Starboy and Beauty Behind the Madness to me. It’s very similar to his earlier material, which was always more cohesive as a body of work than his mainstream efforts, except he’s taking those pop elements and applying it to that older formula. Everything from the music to the visuals and branding is on point.
  16. XXX


    On first listen I'm not too fond of the album. I think it's another step down from Starboy. I hope it will grow. The new single is kind of good as is 'Save Your Tears'.
  17. Save Your Tears is definitely a highlight.
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  18. Still think Starboy is the stronger album, but After Hours is passable.
  19. Yeah this is definitely an ‘album’ in a way Starboy and Beauty Behind the Madness just weren’t. Both the latter albums unfold like snapshots and hold together more due to the distinct perspective of Abel’s on record persona as a popstar, whereas After Hours invests more in atmosphere and world building. All three are excellent, but I think this is technically his best since House of Balloons.
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  20. Save Your Tears is the one......80s soundtrack, synth infused goodness.
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