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The Weeknd - After Hours

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Wow, all three of the new tracks are beautiful! I love that he's essentially added a further, more romantic dimension to the album with these additions.
  2. I think it’s a common chord progression that was used by many artists, for example White Mercedes by Charli, Love Again by Carly, So Am I by Ava Max or Altar by Poppy.
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  3. I'm in love with "Final Lullaby". What a closer to the whole project.
  4. I’m really gagged at how perfectly sequenced this thing is from front to back, and that includes the newly released bonus cuts essentially being told from the perspective of him in the afterlife after he’s “bled out”. He did that.
  5. Nothing Compares is the one, it's fucking gorgeous. I would say that it's one of the best from the whole album.

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  7. 5th #1! So freaking deserved. One of the best songs of the year hands down. Let's just say if Heartless was able to go #1 and Blinding Lights was stuck at #2, I would have been so pissed.
  8. I was playing this while going for a run today and that lyric about the girl's throat, SIS ABEL STOP THESE KINDA LYRICS PLEASE.

    Otherwise, I'm enjoying the album although his recycled melodies are everywhere.
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  9. That's actually nice that he realizes this. Obviously Starboy was a superior continuation of Beauty Behind The Madness and it was more of a compilation of songs that really lacked some sense of vision than an album. Cohesion wasn't his friend back then, but I still enjoyed Starboy so whatever.

    But to me, that's what makes After Hours even more glorious. Yes, this is the album he was supposed to do years ago, instead of Starboy or even Beauty Behind The Madness. And yes, he's gonna need to seriously renew his sound with whatever he does next. But he just released one of his very best projects and that's definitely something we should be happy about and enjoy.
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  10. There’s a lot of loose ends and references back to The Trilogy that are tied up on this that make me think he might hit refresh with whatever he does next. Similarly to Lana’s last album, Abel finally reached and achieved what he’s been working years towards as a mainstream artist. He mentioned working more with 0PN in the future in the King Kong interview, so I’m excited to see where that goes.
  11. How did Heartless go #1 right away but quickly fell off? Were radio deals helping the #1?
  12. He had a ton for physical single bundles
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  13. upu


    Heartless is also back (from the grave) to #4 after 18 weeks.
  14. I think they pushed Heartless more in the beginning on Spotify and stuff but people just realised organically Blinding Lights was the better song. It's fun how Heartless is having a second wind now though while still in the shadow of Blinding Lights
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  15. I checked out after the trilogy but this is great.

  16. Still waiting for the video though
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  17. Can he confirm the deluxe vinyl tracklist before I splurge ddd I wanted the remixes too.
  18. Is it still on sale somewhere? It’s sold out on his site. I think it’ll be the album and bonus tracks and he’ll just make a new vinyl for the remixes.
  19. Oh. Wonder if it'll come back? I don't think it was even released on his Canadian webstore.
  20. Who knows. Of course the one time they were serious about the limited time offer it’s for something that we had no clarification on dd
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