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The Weeknd - After Hours

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. “Climax” is literally one of my favourite songs of the past decade so I’m just having a kii that its streaming numbers are probably going to blow up. He deserved better back in 2013!
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  2. Indeed the song deserved to do better but the girls acting like it was this flop, unknown song is a kii in itself; top 5 in the UK, top 20 in the US and was rightfully featured in plenty end of year lists with a Grammy for best R&B performance to top it off.
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  3. Every now and again I remember this exquisite piece of music (and get annoyed it isn’t available on Spotify).

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  4. King posted he was listening to his best feature earlier on Instagram

  5. This was a very good prototype of the Starboy/After Hours sound that would come to be.
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  6. A strange thing happened after all this talk about Climax.
    I'm currently being one of those boring people posting IG stories for the 30 Day Song Challenge thing and I noticed someone unfamiliar had looked at one of the posts. It was some guy called Elijah Blake. He had a blue tick next to his name so got curious and googled him... turns out he's a co-writer for Climax.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Usher scamming his way onto Gaga's telecast line-up from all this recent promo.
  8. “Intermission”

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  9. Yas now listen to this immaculately Purity Ring produced masterpiece:

    His albums were solid if I remember well.
  10. The Major Lazer remix is enjoyable enough but feels a bit lazy and then goes totally off the rails near the end.
  11. I hate that Tik Tok trend with straight white males dancing to Blinded by the Lights. Kill it with FIRE
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  12. This screengrab with this song is such a specific intersection of faggotry that we have no choice but to stan.
  13. Just got round to listening to this album and whew that one-two-three punch of Blinding Lights, In Your Eyes & Save Your Tears is quite special isn’t it? Melodic synth bliss.
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  14. What an era.
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  15. Blinding Lights has topped the charts in 29 countries so far, which should be his own new record (Starboy previously peaked at #1 in 19 countries). I don't see the song reaching a 11x platinum level of success a la The Hills, but it is really becoming his biggest worldwide hit. Now re-release that perfect 11 that is False Alarm please and thank you.
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