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The Weeknd - After Hours

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. "Scared to Live" just choked me out. He had no right.
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  2. My favourite.
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  3. Faith is really moving up to becoming my favourite. That outro could be a song in its own right!
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  4. I’m tempted to say “Faith” might be the darkest song he’s ever done, and also one of his best. Glad he’s not in that place anymore, though.
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  5. Blinding Lights is without a doubt the best song here (and his best overall) but Save Your Tears, In Your Eyes, Hardest to Love and Scared To Live are all amazing songs. I much prefer the poppy, more radio friendly version of The Weeknd, rather than the darker, version (see the lyrics to Heartless and Starboy).
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  6. It’s my fave on the album, the way it’s like 3 songs in one
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  7. The title is real.
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  8. ISSA BOP.
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  9. Sorry for double posting but he just pulled a Mariah and released an entirely new music video for the Chromatics' remix of "Blinding Lights."

    It blows my mind how I've never even considered The Weeknd working with Chromatics and yet, it makes so much sense and it's the most perfect collaboration he could have ever given me. I need more from them! He'd fit so well into the dark dreamy giallo atmosphere of their latest album.
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  10. The way he’s thought so far ahead for this campaign is insane. I feel like it’s rare these days for things to keep moving after the album has been released.
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  11. Blinding Lights is a masterclass of a pop song and gets even better after multiple listens. It captures the spirit of early 80s synth pop so well. Incredibly cinematic, like something off the soundtrack of a cyberpunk movie. The production borrows a lot from elsewhere, but Abel makes it his own with his vocals and lyrics. Contrasting the futuristic production with lyrics and vocal delivery that yearns for human connection is just a stroke of genius.

    This song and Don’t Start Now will be two of the defining songs of this era.
  12. I'll appreciate After Hours and Future Nostalgia forever after this quarantine. They're essentially all I listened to for the first month of this whole thing.
  13. Looks like “In Your Eyes” is officially being pushed?

  14. tea


    In Your Eyes has been playing consistently on pop/hot ac radio here since album release. Would love to see a push for Save Your Tears down the road.

    Also After Hours (song) is the best thing from this album.

    Future Nostalgia and After Hours will be the blueprint going forward.
  15. upu


    I hope the remix will now help the song.
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  16. Is it coming Friday? Poor Gaga!

    Bad enough that she's gonna lose out on the Hot 100 top 3 to Foxes, Tove and Ellie, and now this?
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  17. -M-


    He's just announced that he's postponing his tour to 2021. Guess this was inevitable, but it's still sad to see.

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  18. The stan war happening on twitter is absurd. Gaga x Ariana is a new song and I think it will be higher than this. I expect top ten for this but not #1. We"ll see , the Hot 100 is exciting at the moment.
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