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The Weeknd - After Hours

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Doja did a good job. I just wish she was in the chorus too.
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  2. Damn I really liked the remix, it also helps that the song is a 10 on its own. They both did that!
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  3. Yeah I was going to say the same, her verse was great but I was hoping for a joint chorus at least for the final one...
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  4. Why was she not on the chorus. She needed to be on the chorus for this to be a perfect collaboration. It's still a 9/10 though.
  5. Save Your Tears is such a beautiful song.

    My second favourite after Blinding Lights
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  6. She left me craving for more of her vocals in chorus, that would be gorgeous.
  7. She sounds beautiful on this! But I do agree that I wish she sang in the chorus too, maybe some more ad libs. She disappears right after her verse.
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  8. Personally, I actually find it kind of grim. The Savage remix was leaps and bounds better than the Say So remix but it was unnaturally driven to number 1. I wasn't against Ariana x Bieber getting the top spot, it's a cute song, but then we've got a criminal crying that he didn't get number 1 when he shouldn't have even been on the chart at all, yet people are streaming his music (I've seen so many people post the song, with "he's a bad person, but the raps good" narrative in the comments).

    What do I know, but it feels to me the Hot 100 is very much a monopoly at the moment. The likes of Drake then making songs just targeted at Tik Tok to get a hit..
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  9. I totally agree, she should be on the last chorus. I like it anyways a
    It depends how you look at it. You have Dua, The Weeknd, the chart battle between Doja and Megan, next week Gaga x Ariana vs this.
  10. What you’re saying is look at it positively and you’d be right!

    A good old chart battle is always fun (as long as Number 3 isn’t involved of course.) I love the climb to potential Number 1 too (like Bodak Yellow).

    Back to The Weeknd..
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  11. Love that Doja's verse has a completely new structure and is longer. Shame the song itself and outro have been shortened and that she doesn't harmonise. But banger status remains firmly in tact. Hoping for a smash!
  12. I mean I hope the Doja verse brings more attention to the song and it smashes, because it’s a 10\10, but I don’t think she improves it by shortening the outro which was the best bit.
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  13. The Hills was kind of a cultural reset. The bass, the pointless remixes with Eminem and Nicki, the conspiracy theories that it was about Ariana...
  14. What was this?? I totally missed it
  15. Take it with a grain of salt but...

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  16. And only half of them were @mindtrappa. An achievement!
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  17. This is interesting, but I choose not to believe it dd They would kinda make a hot couple, though.
  18. The accuracy
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