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The Weeknd - After Hours

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. The Hills remains that taint slammer. Hard to believe it’s been five years!
  2. I’ll never forget hearing “The Hills” when it was called “Mood Music” via some LQ clip of him performing it live
  3. The Hills remains one of the weirdest #1s ever. I can’t believe that was a pop radio hit.
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  4. The Hills is incredible. I saw him when he was touring Starboy and the stadium was quaking when he performed it. A smash hit indeed.
  5. They replaced the Doja remix of In Your Eyes with the original on Today's Top Hits. (It lasted one week on the playlist)
  6. Do you think it’s because of her recent controversies? Awkward cause they share the same management.
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  7. Probably. Did the remix get any traction last week?
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  8. Yeah, it’s definitely awkward but I also think that the remix didn’t get a lot of hype anyway and it ruined the song’s structure.
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  9. -M-


    I get why they put out that Doja remix from a promo perspective, but musically, it was completely unnecessary. The song is pretty much perfect as it is and doesn't require a feature.
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  10. I hope ya'll don't go at me for this because this is purely about the song, but I'd rather of had a Lana collaboration for this than Doja. Don't get me wrong I actually like Doja's contribution but she doesn't really elevate the song enough for me to want to listen to that version.
  11. I’m not sure Lana would have added much either beyond some sighs maybe? It’s just not her vibe. Doja’s verses were great, but it didn’t help that they largely left the track untouched. A collab like that deserved a bit more.
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  12. I don't think this song's delicate and glamorous enough for Lana.
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  13. I lowkey think the Doja remix is better than the original nn. The song is great in all forms, but her verse & ad-libs are great.
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  14. They really should start a common fund together ... I thought they'll announce something today.
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  15. Ok Lana is trash but we still need Abel to release the full Stargirl Interlude cuz damn.
  16. Hopefully this sees a bit of an uptick because In Your Eyes is still incredible.
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  17. He lowkey stans Kelela, huh.
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