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The Weeknd - After Hours

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. I imagine there will be about 100 different (and better) cover variants like there were for the two singles, but just in case, I’ll probably use one of these instead

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  2. All of these are way better.
  3. The Starboy cover was great so this mess is pretty disappointing.
  4. Good thing he does music and not visuals I guess.
  5. Oh I love how this builds
  6. According to Genius, he has an Ed Sheehan co-write on the album and Save Your Tears (the Kevin Parker produced track) will be on the album.
  7. This is a meandering mess.
  8. I can’t wait to own this cover on vinyl - said no one ever.
  9. Song is pretty excellent, cover art is a mess.

    It's no House of Balloons 6+ minute extravaganza but I enjoy it.
  10. Did we not suffer enough with Dark Times?
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  11. Wow. This is fantastic.
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  12. Taking that Erasure bop and running.
  13. The cover is great and the song is a bop, he hasn't delivered a bad track this era so I'm excited!
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  14. I absolutely adored that song and still do, one of my faves from that album.
  15. The song is really good
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  16. It's a pretty ass long song. But that's about it that I have to say about it.
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  17. It's really good, maybe a little too long yes, but I didn't get bored listening to it. I think this album will be great, none of the three songs we've heard so far sound like each other.
  18. Did hear this one before though.
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