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The Weeknd - After Hours

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Here’s the new track he released. Wondering if it was done just for this or if it’s an After Hours leftover

  2. Sounds a bit interlude-y, like a good introduction to an album, but not something to listen to in a standalone sense.
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  3. Save Your Tears is now officially #1 at US Pop Radio. It’s the second #1 of the After Hours era on the format.

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  4. A Save Your Tears remix featuring Ariana Grande seems to be on the way!

  5. 2014

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    Exciting! Ariana is going to sound incredible on it.
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  6. His next collaboration is with Doja Cat. I’m guessing we can expect it this summer.

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  7. I love Save Your Tears. Ariana is going to make it even more of a moment
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  8. And

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  9. Whew! I am shooketh. Such a great remix. Hope they get a number one.
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  10. They forgot to hit upload on Apple Music.
  11. I don't really think she adds anything to the song oops
  12. The lyrics are different right? I do love it, it freshens up the song a little! What I do appreciate is that she hasn’t overtaken the song which she sometimes does with all her layered vocals she’s likes to do.
  13. I really like this version much more than the solo one.
  14. Much like the Rosalia "remix" it doesn't really add much. It's nice enough, guess it'll pick up a few extra steams
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