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The Weeknd - After Hours

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. He also posted this a couple weeks ago as well, along with a photo of OPN on his stories

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  2. I wonder how close we are, because that CD emoji and the After Hours sale he had last week got me thinking...

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  3. Ok but the recent tweet about the tour has me hyped even though its still a year and a half away for me.
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  4. RMK


    Him having such a serious demeanor and tweeting things like this is so funny
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  5. Teasing The Dawn again. I wonder if we’ll have at least a single before Labour Day?

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  6. There was talk of it coming in the summer as a full project, but I wonder if it'll be moved to Q4. Unless he’s already got videos in the bag.
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  7. It’s looking likely that Blinding Lights will be Diamond before Christmas.

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  8. Liking this a lot, the main "better believe" hook sounds awesome.

  9. It's a nice moment.
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  10. Abel slays this feature. His swag in the video is everything as well.
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  11. I never noticed how horrible the lyrics were for Save Your Tears until the performance at the Brits.

    I mean we been knew his lyrics are usually toxic masculinity at best but it’s really distracting cause the song is so good.

    Thank fuck for the remix with Ariana I can use to avoid that mess of a second and third verse’s lyrics. The song makes more sense with a two person perspective anyway.
  12. His lyricism is his weak link in general but I'm not really seeing anything misogynistic in the lyrics of Save Your Tears? It's a pretty straightforward "I fucked up, you moved on" storyline, no?
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  13. Lemme update the thread title

    He posted these as well

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  14. He confessed in the song that he deliberately broke her heart in the third verse and then uses the excuse that someone broke his too. And puts it all on the female to come to him to ask him why?
  15. I don't think he was saying he deliberately broke her heart. He's just kind of very plainly stating that's what happened and describing how she reacted to seeing him.
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  16. I wonder if the album title and these photos mean he’ll be heading in a brighter, sunnier direction?
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