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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. New collaboration with FKA twigs apparently out very soon:

  2. okay now what a minute
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  3. Out this Thursday:

  4. Song is doing the rounds already

  5. I really wish he didn't say yes to this.
  6. There is nothing strategic about the way he is just throwing these collaborations out. It already impacted the performance of Take my Breath and is just going to really suffocate the next solo single.
  7. No shade but "feat. The Weeknd" suddenly feels like the new "feat. Nicki Minaj"
  8. Dd it's no more collabs than his usual amount
  9. I really hate what they did to A's vocals on "Poison", so, so unnecessary. "Enough Said" remains superior in terms of her posthumous material.

  10. Can they just let Aaliyah rest already, it's so exhausting.
  11. Come on, 2 collabs coming this week, thats overkill for sure.
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  12. Oh this is so good
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  13. I-
  14. This is awful!
  15. I’m curious when Abel’s parts of “Poison” were recorded, because he hasn’t posted about it at all yet. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was from back in 2012-2014. Also thought what I heard the other day was a radio rip, but I guess that’s just how it’s mixed nn, so imma pretend this didn’t happen and bop to “Tears in the Club” which is what he seems to be doing also

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  16. I think it should be fairly self-evident that a woman who lived to only 22, had released a brand new album just weeks prior to her death and many of the outtakes from said album on a subsequent compilation, and didn't write her own songs is highly unlikely to have left a treasure trove of potential classics in the vault that the world needs to hear.

    Just let her rest, let the world enjoy the great music she gave us in her all-too-brief time, get some fresh ideas and can it with this desperate grave-robbing.
  17. Why would anyone muffle Aaliyah's voice? The mind boggles.
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  18. They probably pulled it from a song they didn’t have the multitrack tapes for, which is why it sounds like a bad acapella rip.
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