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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Her vocals..... the 96kbps of it all.... tragic.
  2. RJF


    Him and Drake are so weirdly lecherous about Aaliyah.
  3. I tried to find the new Weeknd single that was playing a t the gym. Siri was being rubbish so I googled the lyrics and it was Ed Sheeran.

  4. This is actively unpleasant to listen to. I'd still like to hear the original vocal take sans processing, but that's it.
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  5. What is actually going on with all of these collabs? Are they on the new album? A collab album? One offs?
  6. They're just collabs for other artist's projects.
  7. RMK


    Maybe standards are lower since Blinding Lights is essentially the biggest single ever, but I don't feel these collaborations are doing anything great for him when it comes to the potential album. If anything, taking a minute would make the world miss him and the sound he's bringing.
  8. What happened to his album? He's been releasing so many collabs and random music videos for old songs. I thought Take My Breath was the lead and not a stand alone.
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  9. It’s still coming. Likely got delayed due to the delays in getting physicals made, since he didn’t turn it in until September.
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  10. RMK


    It seems like he's been busy with other projects like 'Idol', and I'm sure the somewhat average reception of Take My Breath may be keeping him in the studio a bit longer.

    you think? I really feel like it's his first album in quite awhile that didn't have a huge smash out the gate, and he wants to regain some steam.
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  11. I mean, “Heartless” wasn’t a smash either (or I should say it didn’t have a ton of buzz) and dropped like a rock after its release. It’s easy to forget that was the actual lead single from After Hours, and “Blinding Lights” didn’t really blow up right away either. He already finished and turned the album in and is working on Idol and the soundtrack for that.
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  12. Maybe I’m from the minority, but I’m really enjoying his assorted singles era. The Rosalia and FKA Twigs collabs are some of his best releases ever.
  13. Yeah, they're fine. He's always done collabs so the reaction surrounding this year's batch is kind of funny. Maybe it's because they're more commercial minded that they feel omnipresent.
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  14. “The next time I see you will be at Dawn”

    It better be, Abel

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  15. The new cover for Echoes Of Silence is incredible but I'm not sure I can justify it after splurging on House Of Balloons already.
  16. The way I tried cancelling House of Balloons the other day because it came out looking like ass, probably because they opened it up beyond the initial “limited” pressing number.
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  17. NOOOOO do you have pics? Was canceling easy?
  18. I don’t have photos with me, but even his most hardcore hypebeat stans on Reddit weren’t here for it (meaning little hope for me to resell), which says it all dd. And no they wouldn’t let me cancel because a shipping notice had been sent back in October, even though the store contacted me and said this was a mistake and it wasn’t shipping until January. I sent them a screenshot of that email in response yesterday and haven’t heard back yet. Fully expecting them to come back to me in January and say it has been dispatched now and it’s too late. UMG is just the worst.
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  19. I saw some pics and it looks...okay I guess? Given the price and hype, it should have turned out much more luxe.
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