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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. "Is There Someone Else?", yeah. Um. That's it right there.
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  2. XXX


    I'm low-key a bit "where are the middle 8s" when I was listening to it earlier. It's a trend I just can't get used to. What would Rockin' be if it didn't have that lush vocodored middle 8, or The Hills?

    Anyway, that is just my first thought, but unfortunately my main takeaway from the first listen. Will listen to the album again after work.
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  3. Okay after listening to I Heard You're Married I'm so curious what the hell has gone down between Ari and him since The Hills came out.

    This is such a triumph on first listen. It's far more instant than After Hours but I'm not sure I'll find myself listening to singular tracks as much as I did with that. This feels very much like a listening experience, which is strange because it presents as poppier, but it sometimes feels (perhaps purposefully) that these songs are shortened 'radio edits' because the structure of the songs are somewhat atypical in many places.
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  4. Grand Theft Auto Vice City radio station.
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  5. I’m only four tracks in but I’m bopping hard.
  6. I think I like this even more than After Hours and it's definitely his most realised album yet. Best Friends had no reason to snap like that, especially in the 'easy listening' section.
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  7. R92


    This is so good.
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  8. I'm like seven tracks in and it might be the first The Weeknd album that I not just like, but am genuinely fawning over. I decided to check it out cause I loved the concept, and it sounds precisely how I was hoping for it to sound. What an all-around boppery.
  9. Wow, wow, wow! Abel!!!!
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  10. Gasoline and Sacrifice!
  11. "But you could be there by the end of this song
    Where The Weeknd's so good and he plays all week long."

    Send help.
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  12. So for me, on first listen on my drive to work this morning. I was a little…disappointed! I think my expectation was for some real individual bangers, and yet this is more of a piece of work as a collective. Which is fine, and now I understand this I know the album will grow. I am relistening now and I know it will grab me more.
  13. Abel tore!! This slaps.
  14. I've only been able to listen to the first half of the album but this is great. Sonically speaking, it feels like he's been building up to this for a really long time, as far back as Starboy. However, this time he's absolutely nailed the execution. Perfect companion piece to After Hours.
  15. 01 Dawn FM
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye & Daniel Lopatin
    Voiceover by Jim Carrey

    02 Gasoline
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye & Daniel Lopatin

    03 How Do I Make You Love Me?
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Daniel Lopatin, Swedish House Mafia, Max Martin

    04 Take My Breath
    Written by Abel Tesfaye, Ahmad Balshe, Max Martin, Oscar Holter
    Produced by Max Martin, Oscar Holter & The Weeknd

    05 Sacrifice
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Swedish House Mafia, Max Martin
    Contains a sample of “I Want to Thank You” written by Kevin Duane McCord and performed by
    Alicia Myers

    06 A Tale By Quincy
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Quincy Jones, Daniel Lopatin
    Voiceover by Quincy Jones

    07 Out of Time
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Daniel Lopatin
    Contains a sample of “Midnight Pretenders” written by Tomoko Aran and Tetsuro Hamada and performed by Tomoko Aran
    Voiceover by Jim Carrey

    08 Here We Go... Again [ft. Tyler the Creator]
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Tyler Okonma, Bruce Johnston, Rex Kudo
    Background vocals by Bruce Johnston & Christian Love

    09 Best Friends
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Jason Quenneville & Daniel Lopatin

    10 Is There Someone Else?
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Tommy Brown, Daniel Lopatin

    11 Starry Eyes
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Tommy Brown, Daniel Lopatin

    12 Every Angel Is Terrifying
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Daniel Lopatin, Matt Cohn
    Special guest voice by Josh Safdie as Arthur Fleminger

    13 Don’t Break My Heart
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Daniel Lopatin, Max Martin

    14 I Heard You’re Married [ft. Lil Wayne]
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Dwayne Carter, Calvin Harris, Daniel Lopatin

    15 Less Than Zero
    Written & produced by Abel Tesfaye, Max Martin, Oscar Holter

    16 Phantom Regret by Jim
    Written by Jim Carrey
    Produced by The Weeknd & OPN
    Voiceover by Jim Carrey
    Album Executive Produced by The Weeknd, Max Martin, OPN
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  16. What an album. What a superstar.

    Less Than Zero will be a smash.
  17. How Do I Make You Love Me...Cindy, this is excellence. He nails the tone of a midnight drive in the city.
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  19. Not the lipstick, lies, tears, tragedy moment in Every Angel Is Terrifying.
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