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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. He sampled Midnight Pretenders , I can't believe it. Taste.

    A classic.
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  2. Robots With Raygans vibes.
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  3. He really is Lana’s male counterpart dd. All these projects happening at once.
  4. Sacrifice is AMAZING. I'm already singing along to the chorus and this is my first listen.
  5. First listen thoughts...

    His melodies really let him down sometimes and on the opening run of bops the songwriting feels really expected and lazy. As somebody else said it doesn't help that all of these songs fizzle out after their second chorus. Nothing from Gasoline to Sacrifice stood out on first play. I don't know, they're all so... icy, and linear. And kinda boring.

    Out of Time is the first song that pops immediately. Superb production. It almost brought to mind Damita Jo. Here We Go is okay but Tyler's verse is awful. Best Friends and Is There Someone Else? round out the midtempo section quite nicely. Starry Eyes has promise but then basically just fizzles out into an interlude?

    Every Angel... has lovely production but another interlude featuring Jim Carrey spouting off about the afterlife? "Edgy... thought-provoking." If only his script could be described in those terms.

    Don't Break My Heart is cute. I Heard You're Married is more of a certified bop. At last! I actually like the Wayne verse. Less Than Zero is an airy new wave closer.

    The radio DJ concept feels not fully realised to me. I don't know if it's the rubbish words he fed Jim Carrey, Jim's delivery or what but it doesn't actually feel like you're listening to a late night radio show so whenever he pops up it's like, oh, you again.

    A mixed bag for now. It's just not really very much fun.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    He definitely is in his schtick but wow when a lot of the material is this good, it's hard to resist.
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  7. Less Than Zero SLAPS
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  8. This all too much! The vibes throughout the entire project are IT.
    The production on this record is incredible.
  9. Fucking hell, this album is so brilliant. Take My Breath is gorgeous.
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  10. Less Than Zero… Chills, bitch. Literal chills.
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  11. It's taking everything that The Midnight did with their Nocturnal album, but with an actual budget and stronger concept.
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  12. Slightly bummed that Less Than Zero isn't an Elvis Costello cover, but man, what a jam.
  13. This is a great album.
  14. Sacrifice sampling I Want To Thank You... which Make It Happen sounds a lot like.
    I would love Mariah to do a Sacrifice/Make It Happen mash up live.

    The album is great. He's my favourite Big Pop Girl.
  15. Whenever The Weeknd pops up as a feature on someone else’s song, I know it’s going to slap. Still, I have tried to get into his albums several times with no luck. Something must’ve snapped because I’m 4 tracks in and really enjoying this.
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  16. I'm about midway through and it's really delivering, those deep vocals in Gasoline are serving camp.
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  17. It's honestly like he listened to everyone who asked for a whole album of tracks like Starboy, Rockin, I Feel It Coming, Blinding Lights cuz mama this whole thing bangs.
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  18. This album is the perfect example of lush, classy and icy. I love it.
  19. Lil' Wayne is the only bad part of this album.
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  20. I had almost zero hype for this, mostly because he's just been everywhere lately and that high-gloss revamped '80s sheen has also been everywhere for far too long, but it turns out I'm still here for all of it when it's done this well.
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