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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. You can really hear the DeBarge influence on "Out of Time." Stunning.
  2. Phenomenal album by a phenomenal pop star
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  3. On second listen I think I Heard You're Married is the best song here by a distance. Calvin Harris is a crazy talented producer.
  4. Excellent album! I love the lighter, more buoyant touch. Very proud of my fellow Scarboroughian
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  5. I truly can't believe we have arguably one of the biggest pop stars in the world sampling a Tomoko Aran song and spreading the gospel of city pop in The Year of Our Lord 2022. Might just fuck around and laminate my stan card (particularly if interest in the song leads to Fuyu-Kukan finally being available to stream worldwide)
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  6. This album... is everything I wanted out of him and more.
    The way he just committed to the soundscape is amazing.
    From the moment I heard those vocals in Gasoline I was floored.
    My stan card is laminating as we speak.
    Edit: I've just seen the 89 in Metacritic. He fully deserves it.
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  7. I was trying to figure out what Best Friend reminded me of, and it’s literally this nn
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  8. Very curious about the album that was supposedly too "emotionally detrimental" to continue working on, so he created Dawn FM. Especially since After Hours was already emotional and dark in a way he hadn't been previously. Ironically, he did something similar back in 2018, except he had scrapped an upbeat album and released My Dear Melancholy instead:

    It's funny that the reverse happened here:

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  9. Yeah this is serving everything I wanted.
  10. Less Than Zero is on repeat for me now. The lyrics + the synths make it so sad!
  11. This is just as good as I hoped it would be, and already quite comfortably his best full body of work to date.

    So much to digest, so much to look forward to getting to know better.

    And the Jim Carrey finale..
  12. I just read about why Jim Carey is on the album. Apparently The Mask was one of the Weeknd’s first films and he and Carey used to wave to one another from their telescope when they live(d) close by!
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  13. Pop artists license your fans work more often please.

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  14. After Hours felt much more instant for me, but this as a body of work is fantastic. It really is a complete audio feast that demands you listen to it on good hardware and from end-to-end.
  15. I loved the Target vinyl variant of "After Hours", I hope they do another one for this album. The collectors covers are brilliant.
  16. It's interesting that even though Dawn FM leans into his pop side more than ever, it's also a project you can't really hop around on. There's also not really any obvious standout hits. After Hours was easier to get into and is more instant because the listener still has the ability to cherry pick from the tracklist and you don't really miss anything. Obviously nothing is stopping someone from skipping around here, but some of these songs have interludes within them and some turn into mini-suites, which means the experience can be incomplete if you're not an active listener.
  17. The "I try to hide it, but I know you know me, I try to fight is but I'd rather be free" bit reminds me of:

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