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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Jesus, he won't get off my neck

  2. His mind

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  3. This might be my favorite album from him after Trilogy.

    The chart performance is still a bit surprising though when I think about it. Don’t some R&B and rap artists get bigger debuts even without hit singles? Though I guess he’s more categorized as pop for a while now.
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  4. This album is perfect for a treadmill workout, tried and tested!

    Phantom Regret by Jim as a closer gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it.

    If there is indeed a follow-up already planned I can't wait for what's to come!

  5. He dropped a deluxe. No new songs but the remixes are insanely good. Didn’t know I needed trance Abel until now

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  6. That Take My Breath Away remix is amazing!
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  7. Is it me or the standard cover at the end of the day is the one the works better for the album?
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  8. I liked Take My Breath anyway but the extended version really pops in the context of the album. Whew, I'm pretty much not listening to anything apart from Dawn FM at the moment.
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  9. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    THIS ERA! This campaign!
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  10. There's not a bad song on this and he consistently delivers quality.
  11. Almost crashed my car trying to parallel park to How Do I Make You Love Me. The boppery here is next level.
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  12. His work ethic AND quality control are absolutely insane. I can't think of a time he's been on some sort of a long break and while Starboy and After Hours were released three years apart, he toured Starboy for almost a year AND dropped the My Dear, Melancholy EP immediately after said tour.
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  13. It's so weird to see "OG" fans hating on this album. The amount of tweets and Tik Tok's I've seen requesting that he go back to making "hypnotic stripper music like House of Balloons" is a joke, move on.

    A day hasn't gone by since Friday where I haven't played this album at least twice. The back half dips a little for me purely because the opening run is insane but it's still incredibly consistent and I can comfortably say it's his second best album. Trilogy will never be topped for me but I think nostalgia has a massive amount to do with it. Dawn FM, After Hours and Kiss Land (don't @ me) are the trilogy outside the trilogy.
  14. While I did like his muffled music you hear through the bathroom door at a sad party Trilogy, I think his three best are Beauty Behind the Madness, Starboy and Dawn FM. But really, there's something to like in every album.
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  15. Dawn FM and After Hours are pretty equal in my book. The quality on both is insane, like he really stepped his game up on After Hours and I would say that while that wasn’t his first big pop era, it was the first time I felt like he fully became a pop star. Like he reached his final stage of evolution. I think it was clear (and I want to say he’s even said it himself) that BBTM and Starboy were him still trying to figure out how to balance the two sides of him and blend genres, but those records are a little uneven and feel a little split between what he wanted to do and pleasing his OG fans, so they suffer a little as a result. But you could see his desire to be better and do more with each release. He wants to be a pop star. When he said Dawn FM was the album he’s always wanted to make, I had a good idea that we were finally reaching this destination, and it feels great.
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  16. This record is a masterpiece. First fav of 2022, I can't wait for Twigs now.
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  17. I think The Weeknd has always been a bit more pop than his alt-R&B peers, even with House of Balloons so it’s strange if OG fans are reacting that negatively. This is by no means dumbed down pop music, either, just a decidedly more 80s synth sound.
  18. Yeah, he’s always had pop sensibilities. It’s been there from the beginning. They just can’t deal for whatever reason. I don’t even find Dawn FM to be very commercial dd. There’s stuff on other albums is more mainstream yet in line with Trilogy.
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  19. I love this album. I never really paid attention to his singing before, but his voice is really great. I just love the way he sings. How he uses his voice is so interesting.
  20. As one of those OG fans (been listening since before he showed his face) I'm pleased with how he's expanded his universe. It's not like he's ever lost the moodiness even as he's picked up bigger hooks along the way. The weirdest development by far was him getting a halftime show, which I would never have predicted back in the mixtape days. And he pulled it off without compromising his aesthetic, even at the risk of bewildering the GP.

    PS) Your other trilogy is spot on. Kiss Land is amazing and doesn't get enough respect. The way Love in the Sky just drips...
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