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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. HMD


    I’m really into it too. It would benefit from being a little shorter, but overall it’s amazing. Even Take My Breath has clicked with me on a whole new level.
  2. I need Gasoline and Less Than Zero to be absolute smashes.
  3. I think this is kind of the opposite of After Hours in a way that this starts off with the bops and then, the slower tracks are in the second half. There could have been trimming in that aspect.
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  4. Admittedly I’ve spent the bulk of the last week with Gasoline, Sacrifice and Take My Breath on repeat, not least due to them all being total ear worms. However I’ve joined the clurb by insisting on listening to this in its entirety from start to finish on repeat over the last couple of days. It’s all just one big mood and vibe, and totally delicious in how cohesive it is as a project.

    I love how he creates such visual music, if that makes sense? Like I just see the entire thing come to life in my mind. This is the sort of project that would warrant its own mini film, if he went down that route.
  5. He did mention back in October that he had done a short film for the album, although not sure if it’s a “proper” one that is over 10 minutes, or if it’s a more conservative length like the After Hours film, which was only 5 minutes.

    Guess it doesn’t matter, though, since all those videos (and seemingly the ones for Dawn FM) are all connected into a big story. It’d be sick if once the trilogy is done that they were edited into a larger film.
  6. Looks like “Gasoline” and “I Heard You're Married” have been removed from All Access.
  7. A much needed Sacrifice, pun intended. This song deserves to shine.
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  8. Playing After Hours in full for the first time and it's sublime. I did have a mini heart attack seeing the animation on the artwork on my phone though.
  9. RMK


    Nothing on this album really screams traditional radio hit for me ala After Hours, and Sacrifice.. Hasn't been one of my favorites since release day? I get it for playlisting, but Gasoline, Don't Break My Heart, Out of Time, and How Do I Make You Love Me feel more catchy and instinctual as choices.
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  10. RJF


    I've tried getting into this album but honestly, I think I'm just too tired of him to appreciate it. His kind of chrome, technically perfect but utterly soulless voice. The way he has absolutely zero personality. The tiresome edgy imagery loaded with machismo to an almost insecure degree. I put the album on and know that I'm listening to good songs but it just bounces right off me and I faze it out by the end of "Sacrifice". All of it was starting to grate on the last album, which again was good but I felt nothing when listening to it, and here it seems to have reached maximum strength where my attention is actively recoiling from it.

    Which is my problem obviously! But Lord, the way I couldn't tell you a single thing about anything that happens after the four tracks apart from those weird tractor beam interludes. The way my body is rejecting him! Iconic!
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  11. Take My Breath at the club was an experience. It deserved better.
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  12. I felt this.
  13. Admittedly I kinda stopped actively following The Weeknd’s music after Starboy and I don’t know why, especially when I was obsessed with his mixtapes when I was at uni. But all this to say I properly adore this new album. Love love love. I haven’t enjoyed an album from start to finish like this in a while.
  14. Zero personality? How do you even say that about someone who literally created his own jingle for the imaginary radio station that guides the album? Like, the album has its own character arc within an overarching trilogy involving the prior album and next project. What a bizarre criticism.
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  15. Yeah, but like, a pop sheen over nihilism isn’t exactly like, a new thing for Abel. I always say he’s hit or miss for me because I think he makes very competent music but something about the vibe throws me off. I’m full on for this one but I understand where @RJF is coming from. I just prefer his existential discotheque as opposed to his haunted strip club this time.
  16. Title for the final chapter in the trilogy confirmed
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  17. If someone wanted to argue that he’s missing / suppressing the flamboyance of the artists he is so clearly inspired by (Michael Jackson, Prince, George Michael, etc) then yes, I would have to agree to a certain extent. But saying he has zero personality is just not true.
  18. His best album.
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